Demented confessions


AFTER 14 years of violent campaigns to rule Zimbabwe, the MDC-T secretary- general, Tendai Biti, incredibly says they have no clear manifesto.
After 14 years of using illegal sanctions and violence to arm-twist Zimbabweans to institute regime change, he is saying they had no post-regime-change plan.
He openly wondered kuti if the MDC-T are so violent among themselves, how much more violent would they be in power.
I want to believe that the oblique suggestion was that the police and military instruments of power in their irresponsible hands would only make the violence worse.
And he cited internal violence as the cause of the first MDC split.
He cited Trudy Stevenson and Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga among other surviving victims of intra-MDC violence.
And, the saddest thing is that he seems not aware that if Trudy Stevenson and Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga are added to Tsvangirai’s own victims in the persons of Lorcadia Karimatsenga, Josephine Chibal, Loreta Nyati, Aquilina Kayidza Pamberi and the South African Nosipho Regina Shilubane, MDC gender policy naturally gravitates to one of violence against women.  
The ‘lawyer’ incredibly admitted that ZANU PF won because they were practical. He admitted that ZANU PF offered the people practical things.
ZANU PF promised landless black Zimbabweans to compulsorily acquire and give them the land.
They promised people land and they gave them the land.   
The Government of National Unity (GNU) Finance Minister, Biti mocked his own black kith and kin and promised to tax them in order to compensate the descendants of the white people who murdered their black ancestors in order to possess their land without compensation.
And then he arrogantly waited for them to vote him into power.
Those who followed and believed in the MDC-led Tsvangirai heard it for the very first time (from the horse’s mouth) that in those 14 violent years in which they fought among themselves and against ZANU PF, the leadership that led them from behind were never exactly clear about anything.
In post-colonial politics, the ‘directionlessness’ and confusion that Biti is confessing is the irrefutable hallmark of puppetry.
It was the case with RENAMO in Mozambique and Mobutu in Zaire.
In the Zimbabwean case, the incredible admission is that him (Biti), Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa, Elton Mangoma, the whole lot of them are simply puppets dangling on chains that used to be pulled by embittered and very violent Rhodesian clowns.
And, the only reason why this confusion is emerging now is that the Rhodesian and European Union (EU) puppeteers have deserted the puppets en masse, and are now crying louder than ZANU PF for the removal of sanctions they once pushed the puppets to push for.
And the puppeteers did not just desert the MDC; they deserted with their agenda as well.
They want to retain or restore their title stolen land (whichever is the case) and they hope the ZANU PF Government will be duped.
Even when the memory of the Libya deception and resultant disaster are still fresh in the minds of many!
So, the puppeteers having deserted with their agenda, the MDC puppets are faced with the grim and shameful reality that the fight was never theirs.
The violence was never for their benefit.
And the luck for the majority Zimbabweans is that unlike the Libyans, they did not listen to Tsvangirai, the principal Rhodesian ‘ventriloquist’s dummy,’ and therefore, they did not remove Mugabe violently and therefore the prize of puppetry in Zimbabwean politics has not been as catastrophic as in the Libyan fiasco.
But, the good result to all this is that it is no longer possible for the puppets to say they want black Zimbabweans to compensate the racists who have now admitted that they were wrong.
It is no longer possible for the puppets to say they are fighting for the ‘human rights’ of self-confessed racists.
It is no longer possible to hide the violence that has haunted the puppet party since its inception.
And in their infantile and simple-minded way of interpreting involved issues, the MDC-T have beaten up and suspended Mangoma, who was the first kurotomoka,  and they are thinking kuti Biti akarohwa nezveusiku.
Douglas Mwonzora, has said that Biti made the confession in a feat of anger from which he is expected to emerge very soon.
But, feat of anger, or no feat of anger, the cat is already out of the bag.
The horse has already spoken, and the wonder in every sane Zimbabwean mind is: ‘Saka, for the last 14 violent years we have been following you (MDC), where have you been taking us? … Manga muchiti muri kuenda nesu kupi?’
The fight was not theirs.
The white people who sponsored them have recognised the futility in the fight against the people and deserted to try another angle.
In Shona Mangoma naBiti vari kurotomoka, and it is a phenomenon most Zimbabweans are familiar with.
It is unique to ‘perfectly covered-up’ murder cases in which the illusive perpetrator suddenly makes tortured confessions in demented monologues.
It is often a spectacle that is very sad.
And it is common to hear people say: ‘Zviri kutaurwa nemunhu uyu hazvichanyatsonzwisisika.’
And that is exactly what the MDC-T spokespeople are saying about Biti.
And I bet their biggest question to him is: ‘Zvauri kutaura, urikunyatsoziva zvazvinoreva here?’ (Do you know the full implications of what you are saying?)
Biti was the Finance Minister in the dysfunctional Inclusive Government which Tsvangirai is now pining for, even though it is the one that revealed his total lack of leadership qualities.
As Finance Minister during this period, Biti is especially known for snubbing black empowerment, particularly the agricultural sector, to the extent that it was presidential inputs that eventually kept the land reform alive.
He is also specially known for promising to compensate the descendants of white settler farmers who did not compensate but murdered our black ancestors to be in possession of our land.
And if today Biti admits in his feat or ‘fit’ of anger that ZANU PF won because they were practical in recovering the contested land and giving it back to its rightful black owners, then it means he is confessing sabotage and high treason.
He is saying: ‘I knew land reform was the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems, but was determined to frustrate it.’
It is history that is judging Biti.
It is the mass casualties of the resistance to land dispossession in the First Chimurenga; the mass casualties of the liberation struggle in the Second Chimurenga; and the mass casualties resultant from illegal Western-imposed sanctions invited by Biti and company that are now haunting this lawyer into demented confessions (kurotomoka).
What Biti now owes the people of Zimbabwe is an explanation as to whose interests he was serving.
He must explain why after admitting sabotage in the last 14 years he actually expects his intelligent victims to forgive him.
Or, is it also not possible that he thinks his audience cannot be intelligent enough to pick anything amiss from what he said?
Kana kuti, as in all cases dzekurotomoka, Biti is actually not aware kuti ndizvo zvaataura?


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