Dhewa commemoration gigs lined up


THREE years after his death, Tongai ‘Muchina Muhombe’ Moyo is still remembered with fondness and gigs will be held this weekend to commemorate his larger than life career and character.
And to show his greatness, the ‘big gigs’ on Saturday and Sunday will be held at the Harare Gardens which has been closed to live shows.
Harare Gardens was made more popular by Dhewa’s family shows that were a favourite of many, attracting hundreds of revellers.
Musicians from different towns will gather to celebrate an illustrious career many feel was cut short, before it had reached its zenith.
Speaking to Patriot Arts, organiser of the commemoration, arts promoter Biggie Chinoperekwei, said celebrations would be done by two genres dancehall and sungura.
“The Dancehall gig will be held this Saturday while Sunday is for sungura, all at the same venue,” he said.
Dancehall has literally taken over the music industry becoming the most talked about genre in the arts sector.
Musicians such as Tocky Vibes and Killar T, said Chinoperekwei, will headline the dancehall gig while Batswana’s Slizer and Charma girl, Alick Macheso, First Farai, Zoey, Shiga-Shiga, Beverly Sibanda and Progress Chipfumo will perform at the Sungura gig.
“Splitting the gigs is necessary because the two genres have a different audience,” he said.
Peter Moyo, heir of the Utakataka outfit said he will honour his late father through releasing a DVD for his debut album Mushonga Mukuru.
“I am going to release the DVD on the market during the first commemoration gig to be held in Kwekwe,” he said.
The album Mushonga Mukuru is a six-track album launched early last year.
After Kwekwe, which was Dhewa’s hometown, gigs will then be held in Kadoma and Harare respectively.
Since Dhewa’s demise, the music landscape has never been the same.
So talented was the artiste that he set trends in the industry as well as setting the bar high which kept competition high resulting in quality productions.
After his death, it seems some artistes lost their steam as evidenced by production of lukewarm products.
For example, some argue that since Dhewa’s death, sungura maestro Alick Macheso has not been at his best.
“It is common knowledge that the ‘rivalry’ between Tongai and Alick brought the best out of both artistes and with the death of Dhewa, Baba Sharo has not had serious competition,” said sungura fan, Goden Nyambuya.
The artiste, given many names such as Murozvi Mukuru, Mopao Mukonzi, the Big Boss, by himself and a legions adoring fans revolutionarised sungura music.
He brought class to the genre through upgrading the presentation process.
Dhewa captured the hearts of many with his deep lyrics that focused on love and other social issues.
He rose to fame in the late 1990s as a solo artiste with Utakataka Express producing 14 albums that include Chechete, Vise,Vimbo, Mano, Pinda Panyanga, Naye and Toita Basa.
He died on October 15 2011 after succumbing to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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