Diversity of creation and religion God’s design


By Davet Muzvidzwa

HUMAN creation has become such a political issue that heinous crimes against humanity such as slavery, colonialism and apartheid have been inflicted on those ‘who do not belong’ making the world a very unfair place to live in.
The dispute between science and religion is unwarranted because scientists argue that nature evolves.
This is undisputed when you look at human evolution in our time.
Two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth, no one thought that humans would travel and walk on the moon.
Today humans are crafting ways of living in space.
That goes to show how much the human perception of the universe has evolved over time. You can think in terms of humans using sticks as weapons a few thousand years ago to using guided unmanned drones that go to war carrying guided stinger missiles.
Surely that is evidence enough that changes in God’s creations is a going concern.
Whatever is evolving is starting from somewhere.
That first human or human seed that produced the current humans who continuously evolve surely must have been made by Mwari, Musikavanhu, God, Allah or what is conclusively referred to as ‘The-Vital-Force’ in African Religion.
That first matter that evolved into whatever scientists claim must certainly have been created by The-Vital-Force.
The religions are saying that God created all the things present on earth and in that they are focusing on the aspect of what was caused to happen and who caused it.
On the other hand, the scientists are concerned about how that which happened, happen and where timelines are possible to reconstruct, they would like to know how long it has been happening.
Therefore, I do not see how the conflict arises between science and religions.
To put to rest the dispute between religion and science, I forward the following assumptions about the two knowledge bodies.
The first assumption is that science does not create phenomena; rather, science discovers phenomena and continues to shift positions as more and more knowledge is discovered. The second assumption is that science cannot claim that it has conclusively discovered all that is there to be discovered in relation to the creation and evolution of the earth and its inhabitants, let alone its atmosphere. Science cannot conclusively claim that it has known all the humans and human-like beings that lived before us and where they lived.
Science in this respect can only claim the minute aspects they have so far discovered using their various disciplines.
The last assumption is that science cannot claim that all humans originated from Africa, as is the case.
In my opinion, it would be correct for scientists to say that there are humans who originated from Africa.
For what we know, scientific knowledge has always been repealed as new knowledge emerges.
Therefore religions should not treat with disbelief the evolution of nature presented by scientists because God or Musikavanhu never ruled that the humans he created will not develop physically and environmentally.
If the first person created whatever the shape, did not have clothes like other animals and lived in caves, one needs to look at advances in clothing and the departure from caves to skyscrapers to be satisfied that indeed scientists are right in the concept of evolution without even concurring on the specific parameters of evolution taken by different species.
The big question that worries me today is the motive behind the dispute between science and religion that has been going on for ages.
The science narrative is that Charles Darwin believed that humans originated from a creature walking on four legs which evolved over time to walk on two legs.
This has been widely held and with recent mitochondrial DNA fingerprinting it has been possible to assess similarities of human populations that lived in specific regions over millions of years back.
However, there are visible differences among scientists.
Some scientists argue that humans are the only surviving species of the genus ‘Homo’. Others consider gorillas and chimpanzees to be ‘Homos’ as well.
Scientists further disagree among themselves whether the Lantian Man, a human ancestor found in mainland China that lived around 1,7 million years ago, is the same species with the homo sapiens ‘modern man’ or not.
Same goes for the Neanderthals who lived in Europe over 600 000 years ago.
Some scientists believe they should be called Homo Neanderthals and not Homo sapiens.
The narrative of religions is that God the creator, is the father of all living and non-living things.
They may differ on how they claim God created these things especially humans.
People in different parts of the earth had their different interpretations of how God created humans.
They all have their form of revelations with God.
All religions claim to be channels of interaction with God in the ways handed over by God to their first ancestor.
Before God, there should not be a superior and inferior people.
If human beings cooperate rather than fight for resources, there would be enough resources for everyone on earth.
If religion is Godly resource, then there is no need for religions to compete among themselves because no religion will benefit more from God for imposing itself over others. Why have guns been imported into the realm of religion so that a child of God can be killed for worshiping God in the ways of his forefathers?
In the case of Africa, alien religions are waging deadly wars for the sole goal of gaining religious territory in Nigeria, the Sudan, Somalia and many other places.
The diversity of religions is equal to the diversity of peoples created by God.
If one looks at the diversity of nature the diversity of God is apparent.
There are different types of roses, whales, grasshoppers, chameleons and certainly there are diverse types of human beings.
Some are brown like Africans, some have light skins, some have rounded flat faces while others have pointed nose and some have flowing hair while others have hard curly hair.
God loves it like that.
There is no evidence in this universe where God displays anti diversity traits.
You can see several planets, several stars and several continents, the list goes on.
It would sound inconsistent for God to be anti-diversity when it comes to religion.
Before religious conquest came into being, before man had developed tools to poke into other territories the uninterrupted God had allowed the diversity of religion and religious ways to flourish.
Over 30 religions exist in the world today in conformity with God’s diversity master plan.
Most of the religions are the ancient ones while others are variations such as Christianity which evolved from Judaism.
Almost all religions appear to perform rituals passed on to them by their ancestors who in turn must have been handed over those rituals by God or his messengers.
Such rituals are the umbilical code that links a people with God.
It is through following these rituals religiously that God will bless his people for obedience and respect.
It is through this same means that God will punish his people through famine, disease and civil strife.
In Judaism, the Jews suffered in the hands of Pharaoh and spent over 40 years in the desert. Where they obeyed they were rewarded with good harvest.
The Jews continue to worship in their ways and remain a strong nation.
Christians got their rituals from Jesus during his missions with the apostles as well as at the last supper.
Christians also claim to receive abundant blessings for worshiping in their ways.
So are all other religions.


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