Do black lives really matter?


LAST week a 25-year-old black war veteran Micah Xavier Johnson shot five white officers in Dallas Texas.
CNN and other media outlets quoted the Dallas chief of police describing this as a ‘well-thought-out evil tragedy’ and others calling him twisted in his ‘slaughter of the innocent’.
It is reported Johnson said he did not believe in the Black Lives Matter march and instead wanted to kill all white people, especially officers.
Earlier last year, around the same time, Dylann Roof, a white boy in Charleston, opened fire on a group of black church goers killing nine.
He was taken into police custody wearing a police bulletproof vest and while in interrogation, was given a burger and juice.
Dr Brian Williams, a black surgeon, was later interviewed on CNN as the doctor who ‘fought to save the lives of the shot officers’ in Dallas Texas.
In the clip, he breaks down and sobs: “We are all in this together.”
On the other hand, black people around the world and some whites have pleaded with US President Barack Obama ‘to do something’ and others have marched against a system that has failed to protect them.
It is important to note that after the Second World War, the Jews came together, united with one intention that was: ‘Never Again’.
Those with resources established their own system that would make sure the world never forgot how they were treated by the Nazis.
To this day, Adolf Hitler is hated the world over, more that the architects of slavery and those men who sat at the Berlin Conference in 1884 partitioning Africa.
Even African survivors of slavery and colonialism have been made to forget their own trauma and ordeal.
Together with the Jews, they hate Hitler and not what the British Empire and its allies did to the world.
The Jews designed a system that would make sure whoever is in government in the US or any other powerful nation protects Israel.
They quickly realised that a system cannot fail those that it was never meant to protect in the first place.
They told themselves their children and grand-children would never again feel vulnerable in the world.
They armed the world with Bibles that championed the Jews as the ‘chosen race’ who were God’s very own children, while the rest of the world would get into their heaven by grace.
That is why in the Bible, when the Syrophoenician woman came to ask Jesus for healing in Mathew 15 verse 21-28, he said: “How can I give the bread of the children to the dogs.”
Today’s Christians feel nothing as they read how God of Abraham, preached as the one and only God, commanded an Amalekite genocide on anyone against Israel; every man, woman and child (Samuel 15 verse 2-3).
Today this system ensures that any anti-Semitism utterances will render you persona non grata on the political and business front.
After the holocaust, Jews did not shake hands with the Nazis at a table when talking about peace and forgiveness.
Instead, they placed million-dollar bounties on the head of every surviving member of Hitler’s Reich so the world never forgets.
Jews refused to have Truths and Reconciliation meetings.
In fact, they refused to believe in their own Bible on talks about ‘vengeance being God’s duty to be deployed when He pleases’.
Unfortunately, as Africans and black people, whether on the continent or in the Diaspora, we are yet to create such a system.
We must create a system that erases the Bible and God of Israel so we can etch our own ‘never again’ in stone.
A system that realises that human rights and democracy as defined by another race does not include us.
A system that advocates ‘none but ourselves’.
For example, Mahatma Ghandi did not fast and starve himself for all people of colour, but Indians.
The American forefathers made democracy and human rights a white-only privilege.
The Asian tigers worked hard and placed the iron curtain to protect not the world, but their own people.
We (blacks) are the only race waiting to stick out our tongues at the white folk when their god comes to take us to heaven and condemn them to hell.
We are the only race still believing in minana and god’s vengeance while we do nothing.
We are the only race that forgets to teach our children, ‘never again’.
Yes, the only race that helps other races oppress their brethren.
We are the only race that tells the world through action that ‘we do not matter’.
We must create a system that shows we cannot share the same hero with another race.
Our forefathers warned ‘Mudzimu weumwe haurarirwe panze’.
As the American forefathers were writing their constitution in which they declared ‘all men are born equal’, they did not extend this democracy to the black slaves they owned.
After slavery, they compensated each other and promised 40 acres of land and a mule to the slaves yet to be given to this day over 150 years later.
So how can black lives matter to the rest of the world when we cannot protect each other?
Today, black South Africans burn, loot and destroy a Somali’s or Zimbabwean’s small tuck-shop while rushing past big international supermarkets because they believe they are not their brother’s keeper.
They hang a burning tyre on the neck of a Zambian, while the whiteman takes photographs to spread the news of afrophobic Africans at each others’ throats.
Obama gets into office and puts a bounty on the heads of those that fought the system that has black men shot in the streets.
Blacks are the only race in the world that believes the white God is going to burn his evil children and take us to heaven.
So we cling to the ‘vengeance is mine’ doctrine while the Israelites hunt for their oppressors.
After slavery, Booker T. Washington was called to the White House and asked what blacks wanted.
He said they (blacks) wanted to be taught the art of using forks and knives and sit at the table like white folk.
Washington said they wanted to be taught how to use bed linen and mabasa emaoko.
To this day, Washington is hailed by white America as one of black achievers.
To this day, black heroes are those who supposedly forgive and forget.
Black heroes are those who talk about having a dream of their children playing with white children.
Doesn’t this defy logic?
Have we, over the years, as blacks become nonentities of our identities?


  1. Thank you! Thank you for raising this important topic in this country where racial disparities are never spoken of. Sharing!


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