Does a leopard change its spots?


ZIMBABWE is a peace loving country with tremendous respect for other nations.
We do not interfere in the affairs of other nations and we certainly do not dictate how they should conduct their affairs.
It is very sad that the bilateral problem between Zimbabwe and Britain ended up involving many other nations.
It is also very unfortunate that the US allowed itself to be roped into a matter that did not concern it.
The Americans, at the behest of their kith and kin, the British, imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe. They too made it their mission to destroy Zimbabwe.
They activated all their machinery and systems, directing them towards crippling our beloved country.
Zimbabwe was puzzled.
While we could not claim the Americans to be our bosom buddies, at the same time we could not call them our enemies.
The US’ stance and backing of Britain highlighted one critical point, we do not matter to the ‘superpower’ — as a sovereign state or an equal member in the family of nations.
We are just one of those African countries, which can be tossed, pushed about, blown around at the ‘giant’s’ whim.
Not that we care or so much love to be part of the Americans or British.
We have many other friends.
We have friendships that are mutually beneficial; which are far from the relationship of ‘horse and rider’.
For instance, our friendship with China, the second largest economy in the world, has been one of equals.
The Americans are building a new embassy in the country.
They say it will be the biggest on the continent.
It is even said the architectural design of the new embassy will be along that of our Great Zimbabwe — that monument which tells a story loathed by the West. That monument that tells an unequivocal story that we were an advanced civilisation.
Why would they choose to construct their mega structure in our country —especially now?
We are expected to be simple-minded people.
The US$200 million structure must have us ululating and ecstatic; it is evidence that the Americans want us!
Or is it?
We cannot help but speculate on how the humongous structure will be used. What exactly is it?
What will be happening in that facility?
We have a painful past with former imperialists.
We have seen their iron-hand, in velvet gloves, harming nations.
That is why some of us cannot help but ask questions.
We have no bone to chew with the Americans but if only they were sincere in their dealings with us, as a people, as a country and as a continent.
Looking at that structure under construction what quickly comes to mind are not warm fuzzy feelings.
Once bitten twice shy.
Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, need I say more!
This is what our current relations with the US inform us.
Sanctions they imposed on the country continue to hurt us and frustrate our economic turnaround efforts.
Our monies they hijacked from our diamond sales they are yet to return.
Our businesses cannot freely trade on the international markets because of impediments put up by the Americans.
We know for a fact that America is good at projecting images that are far from reality.
While they are indicating right, they turn left.
We are just saying we are aware.
We are conscious.
We are informed by a painful past.
We like good, fruitful relations but we cannot help but be suspicious.
We will be happy to be proven wrong.


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