Don’t write off Allan Chimbetu


IT has been four years since the Dendera ‘godfather’ Allan Chimbetu last released an album.
And it seems Dendera fans who have waited with bated breath for ‘Madzibaba’ Allan, as he is affectionately known, to release his fourth album might have to wait a bit longer.
For the last two years the musician who has literally seen it all in the industry under the tutelage of his elder brother, the late iconic Simon Chimbetu seems to be overwhelmed especially as a number of Chimbetu offspring have taken up the Dendera genre.
The failure by the musician to release an album and brushes with the law after being arrested for illegal trade in cellphones has forced fans to believe that all is not well with the artiste.
However, Allan’s manager, Abby Kuleya insists that the ‘Soni’ hit-maker has not hit hard times and is far from being a spent-force.
She said new songs will soon be released.
“The album is almost done, some of the songs are already being performed at our live shows,” said Kuleya.
Kuleya, however, could not shed light on why the album release has been continuously postponed.
Allan Chimbetu’s last offering in 2009 Simukai received a lukewarm reception.
Fans contend that the glut of Dendera musicians, who are much younger and energetic has had a huge negative impact on the Chimbetu elder.
Dramas outside the music industry have not helped the situation of the prolific guitarist.
The musician has in recent years been dragged to the courts for not paying maintenance to his estranged wife, Mildred Mapuranga.
But the drama with his baby mamas has not affected his father-figure status in the Chimbetu family and the elder Chimbetu has been highly instrumental in maintaining peace among family members who in the pursuit of their musical careers have at one time or the other attacked each other.
Allan Chimbetu, according to Abby is keeping the family together.
“He assists anyone who needs him in the family, but the media keeps meddling trying to cause havoc,” she said.
“Allan has remained glue holding the family together.”


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