IT is not a coincidence that there has been civil unrest in the DRC, Zimbabwe and Venezuela in the past few weeks, with the West being fingered as orchestrators of mayhem in these three nations.

In the DRC, the unrest is attributed to the recent presidential elections that marked the stepping down of then President Joseph Kabila. 

Rumours that Kabila intended to hold on to power were used to incite the Congolese, leading them to protest.

US President Donald Trump went as far as deploying troops to Gabon to supposedly ‘protect US citizens and diplomatic assets’ in neighbouring DRC.

In Zimbabwe, the civil unrest which took place from January 14 to 16 was attributed to a presidential announcement that was made on the 12th of that month concerning an increase in fuel prices.

But real reasons for the violent demonstrations in Zimbabwe were in fact steeped in the regime change agenda that has the fingerprints and sophistication of the West.

In Venezuela, the civil unrest is a continued attempt to forcefully oust a democratically elected president and successor of the late Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro.

The regime change agenda tweaked up when the US backed opposition parties declared they had their own president besides the elected one and wanted the government to put him in power forthwith.

Here, despite being thumped by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the July 30 2018 harmonised elections, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has been claiming he is ‘the people’s president’.

Though there is great distance between the lands in question, the common denominators include US interference, regime change agenda and unwarranted violence disguised as strikes and protests.

This points towards US operations aimed at ousting leaders of resource-rich nations through civil disorder. 

This was done in Zimbabwe and Kenya in 2008 and has proven to be an effective way of temporarily granting power to unelected officials like the late Morgan Tsvangirai in that period.

The West makes use of their power and influence in media to portray the countries in question as brutal regimes that are oppressing the people and have become unpopular. 

They fund civil rebellion largely through NGOs which radicalise the youths and incentivise indifference within them towards their leaders.

These are tuned into certain media outlets such as Western propaganda-filled newspapers, websites and, most recently, groups on social media networks like WhatsApp.

The few protesters are over represented on the news and their protests edited to seem more widespread than they really are.

All this is to prepare for international organisations like the UN to buy into the lie and allow the ‘international community’ to intervene.

Thus, the involvement of the UN through peacekeepers in places like Somalia has been historically to achieve US goals in the nations in question. 

But what interest does the US have in these three nations. 

The DRC has possibly the largest diamond reserves on earth. 

This was the reason the Belgians and French ousted Patrice Lumumba and installed  Mobutu as their puppet. 

Now that Kabila junior’s term of office is over, the US is battling to get a chance to place one of their own as president.

Venezuela has what are believed to be the largest oil reserves in the world. 

This was the reason the West hated Chavez who pioneered the nationalisation of the nation’s resources. 

Maduro was endorsed by Chavez as successor and then democratically elected. 

His ideals do not differ from those of his predecessor and thus the continued interference by the US.

Zimbabwe is the Eldorado of Africa in terms of mineral resources. 

Having among the world’s largest resources in gold, platinum, diamond, chrome, copper and other strategic minerals, the country is of importance to the US and other nations that are prominent in producing machinery, technology and weapons.

Leaders with revolutionary ideals block US and European access to resources. 

Puppets make them available to the West at giveaway prices that leave the host nations adversely affected.

Nationalisation of these resources has been shown to be overly beneficial to the locals as in the case of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi. 

The nation used its oil reserves to provide, clean water, scholarships, student pocket money, accommodation for married couples, healthcare and other basic needs to their citizens.

By using similar tactics of spreading Western propaganda via social media, the US, under Barack Obama caused civil unrest in Libya which led to Gaddafi’s ousting as president and his consequent assassination.

The same took place in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria which continue to be torn by civil strife. 

Now that Libya is in shambles, the West has unfettered access to its oil resources.

Protesting is lawful but the events we have seen taking place in Zimbabwe, DRC and Venezuela are criminal to say the least. 

Drivers and passengers getting stopped by radical youths and being forced to walk long distances. 

Cars getting stoned and burnt. 

People getting beaten for going to work instead of staying away. 

Shops getting looted. 

Boulders being set on highways and tyres being burnt on the roads. 

It was not lawful protesting but outright terrorism.

It is justified that the Government took measures to contain the situation by use of state institutions it possesses, namely the police and military forces. 

Otherwise it would have been total chaos. 

Yet, no one talks of the almost instant restoration of order that took place when troops were deployed and access to the internet (later ruled ultra vires) was blocked.

The connivance of commuter omnibus drivers and conductors with the organisers of the protest led to the unavailability or overpricing of public transport. 

Government then came up with an initiative to deploy busses from ZUPCO and the private sector to ferry people. 

To ensure public safety, an armed soldier was, and continues, to sit in the front seat of the bus. 

Yet no word of praise for the Government’s ability to contain the situation in a short period of time has been aired on Western media _ only negative criticism.

This is the same with Venezuela which has resisted the removal of Maduro. 

Yet the only footage the world receives is that of the small faction of the population that is against him and for the US-backed, unelected presidential hope. 

In DRC, Trump sent some troops to supposedly assess the deteriorating situation. 

Was their hope to also send the same troops or others to Zimbabwe if the police and military had not succeeded in containing the situation which had appeared to go out of hand.

China has permanently shut down access to WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook because they identified the hidden and crooked hand of the West. 

In the Western-backed Tiananmen Square when students’ rebellion occurred a few decades ago, troops were deployed and the violent protestors killed and prosecuted. 

The US systematically arrests and kills suspected terrorists in and outside the US. 

Offenders of public safety during protests are equally prosecuted.

There was unnecessary loss of life and property in Zimbabwe. 

Unfortunately, it always has to be the pawns who pay the price. 

Organisers of protests masquerade as sympathisers with the people. 

They attend funerals and claim the deaths of the deceased were caused by security forces while masking their hand in the planning and orchestration.

In all truth, the deaths, injuries, pilferages, vandalism and incarcerations that took place are the work of the organisers. 

These include the main opposition party leaders, NGOs with a regime change agenda and, most importantly, the individuals and government instruments of the West that mastermind such acts and fund them.


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