ED illuminates Bindura, Gokwe


IT did not end with anger and fury or uncertainty over certain political careers or ‘acquittals’ of those who literary held power then, this time it was serious national economic business as President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa made a triumphant entry at Chipadze Stadium.
There are many things that have defined Zimbabwean politics, especially when Mashonaland Central Province comes into play but these have been, more often than not, negated by the undying connection between ZANU PF and the masses.
It was there that the North-Eastern offensive, which marked the beginning of the country’s road to independence, was launched.
The masses supported it.
It was there that the legendary Mbuya Nehanda was born.
The masses supported her.
But then in February 2016 something terrible happened.
A certain woman who claimed to be Mbuya Nehanda started swaying the course of the liberation struggle in a different direction that was alien to its ideals and values.
The masses duly rejected that bizarre, strange malady.
They witnessed, to their absolute consternation, the party being almost torn to shreds as that woman went berserk.
Chipadze Stadium was one of the venues that presented and bore the hallmarks of that weird conduct.
But on Saturday last week, it was a different ballgame altogether as President Mnangagwa and his new look ZANU PF came to Bindura to address what has arguably become his biggest rally to date.
The numbers at the ruling party’s rallies have been more than impressive.
They have not only surpassed expectations but have stymied many myths.
The sea of green and yellow at Chipadze Stadium was telling.
The long winding queues outside the venue, even as he was delivering his speech, deflated the myth that Mashonaland Central is a G40 stronghold.
He came.
They came, in their numbers.
He spoke.
They cheered.
He gave them hope.
They embraced it.
That is the difference he has instilled in the new ZANU PF.
This is no longer the party of unnecessary haggling over this or that issue.
It is now the ZANU PF in which everyone fits into its pockets not the other way round, as President Mnangagwa usually puts it across.
It is now a ZANU PF which puts the interests of the masses first, not those of individuals as had become the norm.
Evidence of this assertion was abound on Saturday.
There was the message of peace and love.
“We are committed to unite our country in love, in harmony, in peace and our priority now as a Government is development, development, development, development. We want to uplift the standards of living of our people,” said President Mnangagwa.
“We want to build a better future for our next generation, which they will thank us (for).
“We have a duty as the current leadership to put on programmes to improve the lives of our people, to create an environment that the younger generation will say, indeed our forefathers laid down a solid foundation for progress (sic).’’
There too was the message of economic transformation and prosperity.
“On the 13th or 11th (of July) I am not really sure of the exact date, I will be doing the groundbreaking of a platinum mining project in Mashonaland West, which will employ 15 000 people. 15 000 jobs are going to come,” he said.
“There are many projects that we are conducting and we shall make sure we develop our country with the mineral resources that we have. We must exploit the minerals that we have.
“Because we need technology in some areas, we must bring technology so that we catch up with other countries, develop our economy so that by 2030, we would be a middle-income economy.
“An economy where the jobs are decent jobs, the living conditions of our people are decent conditions and the schools where our children go (to) are decent educational institutions. All that cannot be done if we don’t have investments.
“There are many investors seeking opportunities in this country on a daily basis and we are now overwhelmed.
“We have created an environment conducive for the investors because they want to help us rebuild our economy by their investments and we want a win-win situation.
“We have been witnessing the reopening, launch and ground breaking ceremonies of numerous companies and this shows that the economy is responding to progressive economic reforms which we are making.”
Gokwe the land of white gold
Gokwe is a district that is home to friendly and ever smiling people.
Their humility leaves an indelible mark on one.
Their hospitality is next to none.
Yet beneath those smiles, that humility and hospitality is a culture of hard work that can be matched by only a few.
Snow like fields of unharvested cotton form an illuminating sight as you move into the heart of this sprawling district.
As you drive to the growthpoint of the district, mountains of bales of white gold, as cotton is referred to in this part of the world, leave an enduring mark on you.
This is what President Mnangagwa and his team had come to witness as they descended on Mapfungautsi Primary School in Gokwe on Friday last week.
The message was on the country’s new trajectory and how Government would continue to support cotton growers across the country.
“I have been informed that Gokwe contributes 50 percent of the country’s total cotton production and as Government, we will continue to support farmers with inputs, at the same time reviewing the producer price for the benefit of farmers,” said President Mnangagwa.
“We are in a new Zimbabwe, a new era, a new revolution.
“A new revolution bringing about prosperity and development to the people of Zimbabwe.
“When we came into power on November 24 last year, we met with chiefs who are the custodians of this country and we told them about the new dispensation and they agreed to work with us.
“We also met with church leaders and we introduced ourselves and they also agreed to work with us. After that, we met with business people since we have said Zimbabwe is open for business and they also agreed to work with us, and as Government, we have committed ourselves to creating a conducive environment for both domestic and foreign investors in all sectors of the economy, be it manufacturing, infrastructure development, mining and so on.”
It is evident from the rallies ZANU PF has held so far that the opposition have every reason to be afraid.


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