EUGENICS was called a racial science. 

It was essentially aimed at defending the preservation of the white race of Europe at the expense of other races.

This racial science was prominent in Europe and the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

It taught that whites were the new race and their predecessors, namely blacks and mongols, were primitive and due for extinction. 

Charles Darwin

Darwinism was one example of Eugenics-related subjects.

Science is the quest to understand the environment and is based on verifiable truth. 

Not so with Eugenics!

Eugenics inaccurately portrayed whites as a stronger race to blacks rather than a parasitic one dependent on black labour and African natural resources.

Whites would not have become so prominent in terms of civilisation had it not been for the 300-plus years of free labour from the blacks they enslaved from Africa.

This long period of high productivity led to the agricultural revolution, which made possible the industrial or technological revolution.

Slaves worked the plantations of the Americas and the Caribbean, producing cash crops like cotton, tobacco and sugar cane among other things like grain for sustainability.

Their innovation during work led to the invention and improvement of tools to make their burden lighter.

With full stomachs as well as large reserves food and money, the economies of Europe and the Americas boomed while their quality of life improved.

Education intensified and the production of machines began. With the advancement in mechanics came less need for human labour.

Fossil fuels like coal, gas, petrol and diesel would become the new labour resource on high demand, replacing the blacks  who had been exploited since the mid-16th Century.

Only after mechanisation did the whites consider freeing black slaves and abolishing slavery. 

The production of machines replaced slave labour. 

It does not end here. 

It was the produce of black slaves that led to the establishment of banks.

Plantation owners had numerous black slaves to rip, sow, cultivate and harvest their land at no cost. 

The processing also was done by slaves. 

This earned the slave masters extremely huge profits which they could no longer keep in their homes.

To avoid the pilferage or damage of the money they saved, the system of banking was introduced.

These banks would pool everyone’s money and keep a float balance in case some wished to make withdrawals. 

The rest would be invested in lucrative businesses such as shipping slaves and loaning out money at high interest rates.

Thus, we find slave traders and owners like the Barclays brothers of England being the founders of Barclays Bank.

Insurance, also, was made possible by the large reserves of wealth that whites acquired from black slave labour.

Since the beginning of time, unfortunate events like flooding, fires and earthquakes could not logically warrant a claim for property compensation by the victim.

However, with a consequent abundance of property and infrastructure owing to the work of black builders, blacksmiths, farmers and weavers, among other slave professions, came a need for the slave owners to insure their assets against loss.

This system would have been unthinkable had it not been for profits made from free slave labour.

The West, namely Europe, was not part of the known world in ancient times.

It was a cold and desolate land with nothing but barbaric cavemen. 

This it remained as civilisations in Africa and Asia prospered.

The hieroglyphics, mathematics, architecture and sciences of Egypt, along with the inventions of places like China which include modern clothing, the compass, paper, printing press and gun powder predated the rise of northern European civilisations by thousands of years.

America and Europe only matched up to nations like China after the advent of slavery and colonisation. 

The Chinese have always selflessly worked like ants and their high productivity and nation building capacity was, for a while, only surpassed by the free but forced labour that millions of blacks supplied to the West for the past few centuries.

This is how the West overtook the East in terms of modern civilisation.

Eugenics was prominent at a time whites were born and raised in societies where blacks were typically slaves. 

This implied that blacks were somewhat subhuman or cursed, thus making it sensible for a hypothetical racial science like Eugenics to exist and thrive.

This science was subjective as it was based on the premise that blacks were inferior to whites.

Thus, with the modern objectivity of science, neither Eugenics nor Darwinism would pass as truth in the modern day.

Most whites hate to accept that they inherited their civilisation from the Moors; a black Arabian people who ruled southern Europe from circa 700 CE to 1492 CE.

They attended universities like, Taledo in Spain, where the Portuguese and Spanish learnt sea navigation and mapping, among other skills, from the Moors.

This explains why they were the first in Europe to make imperialistic world conquests in places like South America, Africa and China (Macao).

At the Great Zimbabwe, the Portuguese associated the Mwenye (Remba) advisors of the Mutapa Court with the Moors and they called them Muhammadans. 

This was because they had a Shemitic culture and black skin reminiscent of the Moors of Europe. 

The English numerals are called Arabic because they were inherited from the Moors and so were many of the small letters of the English alphabet. 

Many whites also do not want to admit that they built their great nations off the backs and minds of blacks throughout the slave period.

Likewise, colonisation is the main reason small nations like the UK, France and Belgium can even be considered powerful. 

However, there were followers of Eugenics who admitted that whites are not physically superior to blacks. 

Eigen Fisher, a distinguished Eugenics scientist from Germany, studied the blacks, mixed race and white population of Namibia which was then a German colony. 

His conclusion was that, in the case of miscegenation (race mixture), the white gene is more recessive than the black gene which is dominant.

Adolf Hitler, another big follower of Eugenics, admitted that the whites inherited their civilisation from Moors and other peoples who they now deemed inferior.

In Mein Kampf, he wrote: “Without the availability of lower ranked men, the Aryan (Caucasian) would have never taken the first step to later civilising those people. 

The saying – the Moor has finished his job, let him now depart, has an unfortunate meaning which is deeply true today.  

For thousands of years the horse was forced to serve the man and help him to lay the foundations of a civilisation. 

Now thanks to the automobile and mechanical devices, the horse himself has become unnecessary. 

Within a few years the horse will no longer be used, but without his help in days gone by, man would have difficulty in arriving where he is today. 

Therefore the availability of inferior races was one of the most important elements of the formation of higher cultures. 

Their labour could compensate for the lack of technical tools and machines, without which advanced development is unthinkable.”

Such is the place blacks hold in modern civilisation, yet neither whites or blacks seem to acknowledge our contribution to modern civilisation through black achievements in antiquity, slave labour and colonial resources from Africa.

Ignorance of black history and heritage, self-hate, inferiority complex and subliminal white worship among blacks makes whites claim they are superior to us. 

Otherwise, as far as modern civilisation is concerned, it is whites who owe Africans and Asians for the high living standards they currently enjoy.


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