Europe cannot teach the world human rights


By Chakamwe Chakamwe

A LOT of sermons full of racist arrogance have been preached for quite some time now on the importance of safe guarding fundamental human rights, freedoms, good governance, civilised behaviour etc by European nations.
Yes, Europe has been lecturing the whole world especially African governments, that it is important that all mankind should look up to Europe for good standards of good governance, safeguarding of human rights, civilised behaviour etc.
These Europeans, have even gone an evil step further.
They have unleashed hordes upon hordes of their commissars – the so-called non-governmental organisations (NGOs) masquerading as ‘do-gooders’ while in reality they have been sent especially into Africa to brainwash blacks to believe that the best way to govern is by adopting European so-called ‘civilised standards’ of governance.
Furthermore the European Union (EU) has enacted a ‘Charter of Fundamental Rights’ which the rest of the world, Africa in particular, should take on board when crafting their laws.
And to cap it all the Europeans have established what can best be described as a Kangaroo court – the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) which was set up to try African leaders who do not take Europe as the World standard of good governance.
My God!
While talk about safeguarding human rights, good governance etc is sweet music to every human being’s ear, the view that the European nations should be the World’s standard bearers of good governance, the safeguarding of human rights etc cannot go unchallenged at all.
It is the aim of this article therefore to show that European nations have such a barbaric history of committing the worst human rights abuses ever such as human slaughter, torture, slavery, colonialism etc that no one in his or her right mind can trust European nations to be the custodians of such important things like human rights.
This view is further supported by the fact that not only have the European nations committed the worst crimes ever against humanity before, they continue to commit these crimes even today as we shall show below.
To help us bolster our argument we shall use the worst slaughter of human beings ever on this earth committed by Europeans during the so-called World Wars, slavery and today the human slaughter in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan etc.
There is no place on mother earth where human beings were slaughtered in large numbers like flies than on the piece of real estate called Europe.
And this took place during the so-called World wars.
And that human slaughter was authored by none other than Europeans themselves.
Let us look at the First World War.
European nations will give you a lot of reasons why the First World War took place.
However, it does not matter how many reasons are advanced.
The fact of the matter remains that European nations slaughtered human beings to the tune of millions because they did not care much about human rights and that their governments were presided over by barbaric leaders.
Below are some facts and figures.
“The total number of military and civilian causalities in World War One was over 37 million dead.
“The total number of deaths includes about 10 million military personnel and about seven million civilians.
“At least two million died from diseases and six million went missing presumed dead.”
By the way the above figures exclude the millions who died due to diseases that came about because of the war e.g mulnutritions, Spanish flu etc.
We now come to the mother of all human genocides.
The Second World War.
European nations will try to convince you that the Second World War was caused by none other than one German called Adolf Hitler.
And so whatever slaughter of human beings that took place during that brutal war was all due to Adolf Hitler.
I am sorry if you believe this nonsense then you must have your head examined. Below we give the horrifying figures of the human beings that were slaughtered by European nations during the Second World War which exposes the lie that everyone who died in that war was killed by Adolf Hitler.
“World War Two fatality statistics vary with estimates of total dead ranging from 50 million to more than 80 million.
“But other estimates put the figure between 60 and 85 million making it the deadliest war in World history in absolute terms of total dead.
“The higher figure of 85 million includes deaths from war related diseases and famine.
“Civilians killed totalled from 38 to 55 million including 13 to 20 million from war – related disease and famine.
“Total military dead: from 22 to 25 million including deaths in captivity of about five million prisoners of war.”
Almost all the above deaths happened on European soil under European leaders. Yes, under civilised European governments.
There you have it.
The above slaughter was not the work of some African ‘dictator’, ‘demagogue’ or ‘tyrant’.
The bulk of the above slaughter of human beings was presided over by European government leaders many of whom got a lot of awards and medals for doing pretty well during the above sickening slaughter of human beings.
Yes, its very true.
For example the American Dwight Eisenhower who led ‘D Day’ was made United States of America president soon after World War Two.
Europeans celebrated wars.
How on earth such people can be champions of human rights boggles the mind.
The European nations did not confine the abuse of human beings in Europe only. Earlier on they had caused the deaths of millions of Africans as they took them into slavery to the Americas.
It is estimated that over 10 million Africans died as they were transported to the Americas by Europeans.
Then during colonialism, a lot of Africans were slaughtered by European nations.
Yes millions! Today, the European nations have not stopped the killings.
Two years ago the European nations ganged up and bombed the peace loving country of Libya killing its leader and several civilians and destroying a country which was once the most prosperous in the world.
Right now as we are writing a lot of European nations are fighting in Afghanistan where daily a lot of innocent civilians are being killed for nothing.
But they still preach human rights to us.
Yes they are telling us that despite all their terrible record they are the best to look after human rights in the world.
There is definitely something wrong somewhere!
Now, the question that quickly comes to mind after reading the above terrible record of the European nations is this!
How come these Europeans are still coming to us today saying they are saints and angels whom we must follow religiously and worship despite their bloody hands? Answer, they are taking us for having the reasoning of Zero grade pupils!


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