European theories that oppress blacks: Part Three…theory of evolution debunked


WE have thus far looked at the Hamitic theories.
The first being that, black skin is a curse of Canaan along with servitude. The second Hamitic theory is the Seligman hypothesis which says there were two types of Hamites in ancient Egypt.
The ones he credited for the ancient Egyptian civilisation were called Caucasians and not blacks.
We also looked at Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection.
These theories have directly or indirectly led to misinformation which has wreaked havoc on the self-esteem of many blacks and has caused inferiority complex and identity crisis.
This is because when one’s heritage is stolen, one’s potential is also hidden from him or her.
Blacks need to know they were dominant in antiquity and they founded all the earliest civilisations.
They lived exclusively as blacks on the earth for thousands of years before other races emerged.
The next theory we shall look at was also made to support Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
In Darwin’s time, and for a long time afterwards, there were no fossil findings to support Darwin’s theory of evolution.
This was until an Englishman fabricated a skull in 1912.
This man was a geologist from Sussex called Charles Dawson.
He found a human skull which was relatively old.
To support the theory that humans came from apes, Dawson attached bone fragments from other sources to the skull and coupled them with primitive tools that he claimed to have found on the site.
The reconstructed skull had the cranium of a full developed, yet small brained modern human with canine teeth.
Dawson hypothesised that the fossil discovery was 500 000 years old and therefore was evidence that men evolved from apes and that mankind originated in England.
This gave rise to the pre-Sapien theory which was quickly embraced in France and the US.
This is when Darwin’s theory was taken to heart and considered true by many Europeans.
The anthropological evidence they sought was now available.
It took over 40 years to tell that the skull presented by Dawson and known as the Piltdown Man was fabricated and the pre-Sapien theory was therefore false.
An English anthropologist, Professor Auckley, uncovered this fabrication in 1953.
He found out and proved that Dawson had contracted a geologist named Arthur Smith Woodward to help him attach the teeth of an orangutan to a human skull.
Though debunked, sadly the damage had already been done.
A generation had grown up acknowledging the pre-Sapien theory as truth and the Piltdown Man as anthological evidence that supposedly supported the theory of evolution.
It was called the missing link between apes and humans.
To this day, many do not know that perhaps the only anthropological evidence ever presented to prove that humans had ape ancestry was a complete fabrication.
Fortunately, even among whites, there are people who seek to know the truth and expose the lies that were perpetrated even by their own.
We, as blacks, have to take the whiteman’s word with a pinch of salt.
This entails clarifying claims of history by identifying the sources of the claims.
Knowing the truth of history will remove stigma around blackness.
Only then can blacks begin to think outside the box because they will be aware that they founded great civilisations in the past.
To fully comprehend the value of blackness on earth for humans, animals, plants, soil and minerals, one has to study about the melanin compound and the carbon atom.
It is known in the field of science that the higher the amount of carbon in an organism, the better its quality of life.
In humans, we see blacks in Africa totally unconcerned about the hot sun’s effect on their skin.
On the contrary, we see lighter races, particularly whites, overly concerned about the sun’s effect on their skins.
They invest a lot in researching ways to produce products that mimic carbon, decrease global warming and ozone layer depletion and so on.
When whites come to the southern hemisphere, they apply sun screen which often contains tyrosine which plays a big role in eu-melanin synthesis.
This is a clear example of how one carbon rich organism thrives while another carbon deficient organism struggles in the same environment.
On top of this, the properties of carbon which include light and heat absorption, oscillatory and resonance capability and so on can be found in blacks and other groups with varying degrees of melanin.
This is evidenced in athletics, dancing and singing abilities.
Blacks have been known to be the most rhythm-filled humans and this can be attributed to the electromagnetic nature of carbon with allows for sound undulation and the absorption of radio and sound waves.
Besides the false theories, there are also images that were, and continue to be, used by Europeans that oppress blacks or suppress their greatness.
They say a picture tells a thousand words and that illustrations are the written language of the simple.
In slavery times, when blacks were not allowed to read and write, drawings were used to communicate with them.
This is when much of the self-hate and love for whiteness was implanted in black people’s minds.
Because of the images of blacks in Egypt, no reasoning mind can truly believe the ancient Egyptians were anything but black, regardless of the theories.
On the contrary, the Bible clearly depicts Israelites as wooly black haired and smooth dark skinned people who were indistinguishable to Egyptians and Ethiopians.
Because of illustrations of biblical characters like Mary and Jesus portraying them as whites, many now wrongly believe the ancient Hebrew people were white.
This image of a white Jesus was painted in Europe over 1 500 years after he lived by a man named Caesar Borgia.
The Greeks, in places like India, used to remodel the images of the Buddha to make them seem less black and more Greek.
In China, the Han began portraying earlier inhabitants of China in their image.
All these acts suppress indigenous greatness.
Even more deceitful than false theories and depictions of historical figures as whites or other races instead of blacks, is assuming Africa and Asia were, in ancient times, inhabited by the same races that currently inhabit the region.
Europeans were not present in the known world till the time of the Greeks, less than 2 400 years ago.
Since then, they have migrated into Asia and North Africa.
They got into Turkey as janissaries and these also migrated into the region, particularly Egypt and Arabia.
It would be wrong to base one’s understanding of the past on the current world situation.
For instance, Israel, before 1940, had no white people besides British colonisers. They granted independence, not to Palestinians, but white refugees from Germany and Poland in 1948.
The new settler-regime imported Jewish whites from all around Europe, deported Palestinians, took their land and houses and now they make up 80 percent of the population.
The same goes for Australia, the US and many other places that are now deemed white but were black for time immemorial before the coming of the whites.


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