False joy for detractors


Their utterances seem to suggest  Zimbabwe is not a sovereign state, but instead a province of the Republic of South Africa.

This of course is false.

The determination by some of their members, Lindiwe Zulu being a notable case, to come back probably on a ‘private’ visit and meet members of the opposition, raises eyebrows.

Their apparent enthusiasm  to get council from puppet opposition  parties is mind boggling.

For a start we know that the ideological moulding of the ANC and the MDC Alliance is as different as  chalk is from cheese.

This is a party, whose leaders have trekked to the United States to persuade Uncle Tom to to impose sanctions on their own country. 

This is a party, which, together with the disgraced G-40 fugitives, has been playing a key role in orchestrating social media  to paint a gloomy picture  of a Zimbabwe in deep crisis.

And it is heartbreaking to realise that some of the delegates from the South African revolutionary party, seem to have swallowed this fiction hook, line and sinker.

Agreed is the fact that there is no country in the world, which is not facing the challenges brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Included among these is South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Also agreed is the fact that Zimbabwe’s challenges are compounded by the illegal sanctions imposed by the West following the Land Reform Programme.

That is why SADC, of which SA is a member, has chosen October 25 as a date for the region to annually show its solidarity  in calling for sanctions against Zimbabwe to be lifted unconditionally. 

But it appears members of this South African delegation, Ace Magushule included, have other ideas.

The ANC secretary-general, who seems to believe Zimbabwe is as good as  a province of SA  has to dismiss mischievous accusations by social media with the contempt they deserve.

That is if he wants to be taken seriously.

That Zimbabwe is in a crisis because Hopewell Chin’ono, a darling of the West, was arrested for allegedly inciting people to rise up against a constitutionally elected government, is a figment of regime change advocates’ imagination.

But to manipulators of social media, the arrest of Chin’ono is the mother of all human rights abuses.

To them the illegal sanctions, which have impoverished ordinary indigenes, are not an abuse of human rights at all.

This  thinking is indeed sickening.

And to pretend some members of a revolutionary party like the ANC, pretend not to see this, is absurd.

It shall be very difficult to restrain us from associating some members of this visiting delegation with agents of imperialism.

Surely they don’t want to be seen as bosom allies of some characters around here, who want to spread falsehoods that Zimbabwe is in a crisis.

And the crisis is so great that US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols has pleaded with SADC to intervene.

However, before Zulu and her like-minded companions book a return ticket to come back to Zimbabwe to meet the MDC Alliance, churches and the US Ambassador, they must think  again.

They have to pay heed to the advice by the ZANU PF acting national spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa,that SA  has neither a mediatory nor overseer role over a sovereign Zimbabwe. 

But the bottom line is, there is no need for mediation in Zimbabwe because there is no crisis.


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