Film lays bare brutality of slavery


THE Film Goodbye Uncle Tom focuses on the evils of slavery and vividly shows how whites treated Africans during this period of brutality against the black people.
The film which was written, produced and edited by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi does not mask or whitewash the act which some white filmmakers have tried to sanitise in productions such as 12 Years A Slave.
The production is candid and unapologetic revealing how whites truly felt and behaved with impunity to slavery.
History, written by Western historians attempts to highlight slavery as a mission of salvation.
But the film Goodbye Uncle Tom really shows how whites saw themselves as superior and Africans as a mere source of labour.
Africans are ‘stupid, foul smelling and bothersome’ they would discuss behind closed doors in the comfort of their homes.
A white character sums it up when he says freedom can be achieved, but not equality.
One Professor Thomas in the film says civilisation was found on slavery and emphasises that since God is ‘quiet’ over slavery, it is thus Europeans’ obligation to prevail over other races particularly the Africans.
Interestingly that notion did not die with the end of slavery as in modern day Europeans still believe that Africans must be docile and should not rise to the ‘levels’ of the Whiteman.
Sad is the meekness displayed by blacks in so-called ‘special’ positions.
The waiters and servants in the Whiteman’s homes are treated with no respect but they still feel that they are ‘special’ compared to fellow suffering blacks.
The film highlights and reminds how whites built their massive wealth.
It was wealth amassed over the suffering, loss of life and dignity of the blackman.
Blacks that abuse fellow blacks on behalf of whites are aptly described as ‘men of dishonour’.
As one watches these ‘men of dishonour’ one cannot help but think of the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti.
They betray their kith and kin to gain the favour of the Whiteman.
The MDC calling for sanctions to facilitate regime change on behalf of the British is sickeningly similar to blacks chaining fellow blacks at the behest of whites.
Goodbye Uncle Tom is a must watch film as it gives one a deeper understanding of the West psyche with regards to Africa.
Whites have treated blacks the same way as they have treated animals if not worse.
Upon arrival in Europe slaves were quarantined and examined not by doctors but veterinarians.
They are kept in iron cages and epileptics were hanged.
In some instances there is compulsory castration for some black men so as to avoid their multiplication.
Women are subjected to rape and all kinds of harassment by the white masters in the presence of black children.
At one point a white man shoots a black man selling slaves so that he can have them, he does this in the presence of hundreds of slaves and does not care about the ‘black’ witnesses arguing the law does not give recognition to ‘horses’.
Christianity also supported the slave trade as one reverend is shown informing his congregation that slaves are a perpetual inheritance of white children.
The Bible is abused and twisted to serve the Whiteman.
According to the film, whites believe that God created them in His image and regretted it when he created blacks which is why he destroyed the entire human race in the story of Noah.
Africans are described as a ‘sub human race’ and an example of nature’s innumerable attempts to obtain perfection
The African culture and identity is disregarded and black religion described as a ‘primitive African version of Christianity’.
Names were changed and blacks assumed European names such as Lucifer, Julius Caeasar, and Alexander the Great so that they totally lost trace of their African roots.
While to err is human and to forgive is divine Africa must never forget slavery for the Whiteman has not changed an iota, he has just refined his ways of abusing Africans.
Forgetting is a luxury we cannot afford as a continent.
We must stand up to the White man.


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