Flies hovering around Zim-ASSET


WHEN flies swarm around honey, one must look carefully to see why the honey is attracting flies.
One must also examine if the honey is true honey or something else that looks like honey.
If the honey is true honey, one still has to look carefully if there are no maggots deposited by the flies on the honey before one goes ahead to consume the honey.
Failure to do so will make one end up eating the honey together with the maggots. When this happens, it makes one feel like vomiting even if the honey was indeed delicious.
But that will be too late.
The deed would have been done and cannot be undone.
One would feel the same way when one learns that the honey they have just eaten is a product of the bees collaborating together with the flies.
As we all know, bees never collaborate with flies to produce their honey.
Bees make honey by themselves in their beehives.
Flies produce their own stuff by themselves in the Blair toilets.
Honey is not found there.
Now, all kinds of people are hovering around the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation (Zim-ASSET) like flies swarming around the honey.
Some of them even opt to fund it as the best project that has ever happened to turn around the economy of Zimbabwe into a successful honey producing programme for all Zimbabweans.
Among them are those who have imposed illegal sanctions against Zimbabweans for reclaiming their land from them as colonisers and engaging on the Land Reform Programme as a honey making project for the majority indigenous African people of Zimbabwe.
Notable among them are the United States of America, the European Union and the British.
They have all agreed to keep President Robert Mugabe, the chief architect at the helm of the Land Reform Programme and the Zim-ASSET under sanctions.
Their argument is that they like the Zim-ASSET, but not President Mugabe, its chief architect.
Their reasoning is like people who say they like pork-stew, but do not eat pork.
But everyone knows that those who don’t eat pork, don’t eat bacon, ham or pork stew.
People who say they eat pork stew, but not pork are like people who say they like honey, but hate the bees.
They like the Zim-ASSET, but not its architect.
They all are a fraud waiting for windows of opportunity to throw spanners into the Zim-ASSET and make it produce honey infested with their maggots.
This is so because, as we all know, the Zim-ASSET is a part of the Land Reform Programme.
It is in fact the crowning moment of the Land Reform Programme.
The purpose of the Land Reform Programme is to reclaim the land of Zimbabwe and all its wealth from the hands of the same people who are keeping President Mugabe on their sanctions list for embarking on the Land Reform Programme and giving Zimbabwe and all its wealth back to the indigenous African majority people of Zimbabwe as their rightful God-given heritage.
The same people who now say they support President Mugabe’s Zim-ASSET are the same who labelled him a ‘terrorist’ for spearheading the armed struggle to liberate Zimbabwe and all its wealth from them as colonialists.
They continue to demonise him as a ‘dictator’ and ‘violator of human rights’ and the rule of law for championing the ongoing Land Reform Programme which today is in the form of the Zim-ASSET which they say they like to support, but not President Mugabe.
To this day, they still vilify President Mugabe as a usurper of the popular vote for winning the elections of July 31 2013 and defeating the MDC party which they formed and funded to remove Mugabe and reverse the Land Reform Programme whose crowning moment is in the form of the Zim-ASSET which they like so much, but hate President Mugabe at its helm.
Zimbabweans must beware and not be deluded by their overtures.
Their wish is not to make the Zim-ASSET a success, but to use the proposals in it for a reengagement with them and leverage our land and minerals to them as partners in exchange for their funding, as windows of opportunity for them to reverse our Land Reform Programme and frustrate the Zim-ASSET as its crowning moment.
Such one-sided pleading phrases for reengagement and leveraging our land and minerals to our colonisers in exchange for funding, are the attractions that our colonisers see in the Zim-ASSET.
Zimbabweans must of necessity be made to be aware of them and not let them be used by anyone to reverse the Land Reform Programme and spurn the empowerment of the indigenous majority African people of Zimbabwe.


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