Forward we march



AGAIN a dark cloud hovers over us.

We have lost another gallant son of the soil, Lt-Gen (Rtd) Douglas Nyikayaramba, Zimbabwe Ambassador to Mozambique .

President Emmerson Mnangagwa aptly described the freedom fighter when he said in his condolence message that he was “…a strong revolutionary cadre who continued to serve his country after independence with utmost loyalty, dedication and commitment.”

The important message we take from the lives of men like Cde Nyikayaramba and his peers is that this nation will work again and thrive, no matter what spanners are thrown in our way.

We continue to march forward and our success depends very much on our attitudes.

Our attitudes will determine the time success will come; sooner or later, is entirely dependent on us.

We are the authors of our future and this is the lesson delivered by our living and departed heroes and heroines.

A lesson we should take to heart.

Elsewhere in the paper is a story that calls on us to be selfless as we strive to rebuild our nation.

Indeed it is not about me and me.

We have a nation looking up to every individual to play his/her role.

The fate of our country is in our hands, for none but ourselves can develop this land into a nation we can all be proud to call home.

I appeal to all our citizens to be actively involved in our discourses, to be part of the agenda of shaping our nation to become a force to reckon with.

We are all in the process of rekindling the Zimbabwean spirit, of restoring confidence in ourselves; we want to be ourselves in the family of nations and not apologise for who we are.

We feel powerless because we are surviving as victims, when in actual fact we are not.

Our liberation struggles were successful because everyone was accountable. 

The message was clear: “Iwe neni tine basa/mina lawe silomsebenzi.”

And everyone — at the rear, at the front, in the villages, in the cities, wherever they were — played his/her part.

And that is what is demanded from everyone in our present situation.

If we are to do away with greed and corruption and be united as a people, serving a single agenda, which is the development of our country, we will thrive.

Serving the country is an obligation for everyone who takes pride in being Zimbabwean.

What is imperative for Zimbabweans, in particular, is to realise that somewhere in our languages, our proverbs, our customs, our folklore and our history lies our our identity. This is a message that should be elucidated to, and embraced especially by, the youth who are the future of this country.

We must fight against divisions.

Let us fight for unity and love and never deviate from the path of developing our country.

Our goal should remain that of creating a future of plenty for the current and future generations as well as maintaining and preserving the liberation struggle ideals.

Again, I appeal to all stakeholders that the story of our struggle be immortalised in books, journals and film. 

We are the custodians of that history and narrative.

We pray that the younger generation borrows heavily from the works of the defenders of the land.


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