Fresh anti-Zim onslaught


THE ‘directive’ by the EU and the US, last week, for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to ‘engage’ MDC leader Nelson Chamisa in order to end what they said was a crisis in the country did not come as a surprise but was a stark reminder that the West is not about to let go of Zimbabwe.

In their joint statement on Thursday last week, the EU and the US, supported by Scandinavian countries, once again sought to shamelessly interfere in Harare’s internal affairs through their claims that Chamisa’s MDC was a key stakeholder in solving the country’s problems.

It did not come as a surprise that the statement parroted the reckless and potentially damaging statements that the MDC has been issuing on the alleged abduction of the trio of Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova, all MDC activists who claim they were abducted by state security agents a fortnight ago.

Government has since issued statements indicating that full investigations into the matter are underway. 

As expected, Western countries attached dialogue with Chamisa as a condition to consummation of ongoing re-engagement efforts with Zimbabwe.

This of course is a brazen attempt to save the faltering career of their blue-eyed boy whose party has, in recent weeks, been rocked by embarrassing factionalism that has seen it split for the fifth time since its ill-fated formation on September 11 1999. 

This also comes as the MDC has been spoiling for a violent confrontation with Government over the economy.

Mamombe, Chimbiri and Marova set the ball rolling a fortnight ago when they embarked on an illegal demonstration in Warren Park, in violation of current lockdown measures.

“The Heads of Mission expect from the Government of Zimbabwe a swift, thorough and credible investigation into the abduction and torture of opposition Member of Parliament Joana Mamombe, along with Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova and allegations of the assault on Nokuthula and Ntombizodwa Mpofu in Bulawayo,” reads the statement in part. 

“The perpetrators of heinous acts of this kind and other human rights violations need to be identified and prosecuted.

The Zimbabwean Constitution prohibits enforced disappearances, torture, violence against women, and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The Heads of Mission exhort Zimbabwean authorities to respect these fundamental rights and full adherence to Zimbabwe’s international human rights obligations.”

What emerges from this rather extortionist statement by the West is that they have already convicted the Government of Zimbabwe of being behind the alleged abduction of the MDC trio without taking into consideration the position that Harare has taken on the matter.

Precedence shows that what will follow are provocative statements which will be accompanied by demonstrations, all aimed at bringing the country to its knees, rather than a genuine search for the upholding of human rights.

And MDC officials have not made secret their agitation to violently confront the State.

Zimbabweans must never be fooled by the ruse that dialogue with Chamisa will bring to an end the economic challenges that are confronting the country.

Only the wholesome removal of the illegal economic sanctions will transform the economy.

“The Heads of Mission further urge all protagonists to resolve political conflicts through constructive dialogue and remain clear that international re-engagement is contingent on the genuine and sustained implementation of political and economic reform,” the statement said further.

In February this year, Chamisa laid bare his plan of embarking on violent demonstrations against Government.

The demonstrations were scheduled to take place this month.

Sources have, however, indicated that the MDC is preparing for what they say are ‘surprise’ attacks.

The only surprise is that the West still has faith in a stuttering character like Chamisa who we warn here, as we have been for quite some time now, that he is on a slippery slope.

Below is what Chamisa said in February:

“The people are even saying ZANU PF is deaf and dumb, so don’t waste time trying to engage with them in dialogue. We are giving peace a chance, but the people are asking, ‘but what peace’? There is no peace, so you will see more protests.

“Whenever there is oppression, the demand for freedom becomes natural. The Constitution gives us the power. Ultimately, the people have the right to protest and all we have to do is to provide the oxygen and that oxygen will be provided.

“This year is different. We are not going to be wasting time on tomfoolery from any quarter. The police must know that they are not above the Constitution and nobody is above the Constitution. The time has come to say enough is enough and we must do what has to be done.

They will try to arrest people, they will kill people, and we know that is their default setting, but no regime has fought the people and succeeded. No gun is more powerful than a conscious people. The time has come to say enough is enough. We have drawn the line in the sand and say this far and no farther. You will see more of the people in the streets and acting from now.

We don’t want to do something and someone becomes a beneficiary. Mr Mnangagwa is a beneficiary of the people’s genuine demand, for the 2017 people’s demand for legitimacy, but he came back to pretend to be the leader of that demand and aspiration and we are back to square one.”

We leave it there!

Let those with ears listen!


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