‘Gays worse than pigs and dogs’


EDITOR – I HAVE never been a fan of this singing competition, Idols, from South Africa, but I recently watched a clip when I was at my sister’s house.
I must say I was disgusted.
Disgusted, not by the different people singing, but by one of the so-called judges.
His name is Somizi Mhlongo.
A black man who has ‘transformed’ into a woman.
After taking a closer look, I realised this is the same person I have seen on different DSTV commercials displaying some homosexual mannerisms.
However, recently on Idols, this Mhlongo character seems to have now gone that extra-mile to show the world that indeed he is a ‘she’.
The braids, lipstick, manicured nails, shoes and outfit are just sickening.
I started thinking: Why do people in this country even take time to watch this crap?
Why do parents even allow their children to watch such people like Mhlongo and what are the children learning from such programmes?
Surprisingly, this Mhlongo homosexual actually seems to be one of the ‘famous’ judges on Idols.
White people seem to like him too.
Is it then not disturbing when our children start admiring such immoral and depraved behaviour?
Indeed, President Robert Mugabe was right.
Homosexuals are worse than pigs and dogs and Zimbabwe will never accommodate such.
Of course, South Africans accept these homosexuals in their country, but please as Zimbabweans we must say: Ngazviperere ikoko.
I repeat, homosexuals are not only worse than pigs and dogs, but they are filthy and an abomination in our culture.

J.J, Harare


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