Give Chinamasa time


EDITOR – I AM totally against people that are uttering negative things pertaining to postponement of the 2014 National Budget presentation by Finance and Economic Development Minister, Cde Patrick Chinamasa.
In my own view, I think the postponement of the national budget to January 2014 is good because this will allow Cde Chinamasa to have ample time to consult all stakeholders.
This will also enable him to present a budget that will cater for all fundamentals and other key sectors of our economy.
In the same vein I say shame to all who are busy comparing Cde Minister Chinamasa and former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti.
These people must not forget that Biti was always trying to sabotage development in Zimbabwe because of his political interest.
That is why he never supported the agriculture sector in particular as he sought to tarnish the highly successful Land Reform Programme.
So it really doesn’t make sense for anyone to compare Biti and Cde Chinamasa. As it is Cde Chinamasa is trying to revive an economy which Biti left in dire state.
I believe that Cde Chinamasa and all the other ministers are going to return this country to its bread basket of Southern Africa status.
It is just a matter of time.
All critics will be silenced.

Tendai Mususa


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