Going to Europe is not the answer


IT is very sad to watch television these days, especially news bulletins.
Watching news, one sees hordes of miserable looking refugees from the Middle-East and North Africa trying desperately to make their way to Western Europe.
Most of these poor refugees think that if they get to Western Europe – to the United Kingdom, Germany and France, they would have got into paradise where they will live happily ever after.
They are wrong.
It is the aim of this article to show that going to Europe is not the answer.
Europe is going to disappoint the refugees pretty badly because it is not the first time that Jews, Arabs and Africans have gone to Europe thinking they are going to heaven only to end up in hell.
The answer lies in having the evil imperialist nations from Western Europe and America who have created the very same refugees in the first place to leave Africa and the Middle-East in peace. Only then will the refugees go back to their homes and live happily.
Let us first look at what has created the refugee problem in the first place.
A week ago, a 12-year-old refugee boy was asked whether he looked forward to getting a new home in Europe.
In reply the boy said he doesn’t want to go and live in Europe at all.
That all he wants is peace in his country and neighbourhood and he will never leave his home.
The boy’s answer is quite revealing.
It tells the sad story of the destabilisation and war that the West has caused North Africa and the Middle-East where the refugees are running from.
The West went into the Middle-East and Africa and created the havoc.
Take Libya for instance.
Before the West destroyed that once prosperous country, bread cost practically nothing to the average Libyan citizen.
Libyan students attending university worldwide had all their school fees fully paid for by the state.
And each student received an out of pocket allowance which was said to be bigger than salaries some working people earn today.
There was no crime.
Today, however, it’s total chaos in Libya.
There are several governments running the fragmented country. Murder and death squads are the order of the day.
So is poverty.
Therefore the Libyans who have found their own country unliveable are today desperately trying to get to Europe where they hope to find a new home without war.
The situation in Libya has been replicated in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan where the West has gone in, destroyed the economies of those countries, incited civil wars and unrest and brought chaos.
History repeats itself.
During the Roman Empire, The Romans conquered most of the Middle-East – Palestine, Syria, Jordan and destabilised those areas.
In addition, the Crusaders from the West went and destabilised Palestine, Syria, Iraq etc.
The destabilisations and wars from the West resulted in the Jews and Arabs being turned into refugees who dispersed into Europe thinking they were going to establish new homes.
The Jews and Arabs who relocated to Europe soon discovered they had no rights in Europe.
Having no rights and standing outside society, they were at the rulers’ (of Europe) mercy. They were bondsmen to the Kings. He could do with them what he wanted.
Kings and princesses tolerated Jews so long as they continued to serve and to provide. When they had been sucked dry they had to be got rid of.
In England Edward І expelled the Jews in 1290.
The expulsion and murder of Jews found in its most grotesque form in France and Germany.
In 1182, Phillip ІІ Augustus drove the Jews out of his domain.
And so did Charles VІ by a decree of September 17 1394.
In Germany there was widespread Jewish persecution which began with the Crusades.
The first victims were the wealth communities on the Rhine: Mains, Worms, Cologne, Speyer and the communities of Champagne in Northern France.
The Jewish massacres became continuous, reaching a tragic climax in 1348, the year of the ‘Black Death’.
One hundred and fifty (150) small communities and 60 large ones were wiped out in Germany.
In Basle the whole community was herded into a wooden barn on one of the islands in the Rhine, and burnt alive, while the Strasbourg community was consumed in a holocaust in the Jewish cemetery.”
To justify the killings of the killings, ‘every natural catastrophe, plague or famine, every war, every unexplained crime, was laid at their door’.
Today we all know of the mother of all massacres of migrant Jews which happened during the Second World War when six million of them were murdered in Germany.
Therefore, why should we fool ourselves to think that it will be different this time?
The Syrian refugees are going to suffer the same fate as the Jews.
Africans too have also left their motherland for Europe and the United States, but they have not found a good home there also.
First the Africans went to the West as slaves and when they got there, they suffered murder, beatings, humiliations, all sort of indignity.
After slavery, the migrant African has not found America and Europe a safe haven.
Today for example in America, black people lives don’t matter at all.
They are killed without thinking.
Jail is home to almost half of them.
United States of America is a nightmare for the African. These migrant blacks in both Europe and America are considered the modern day beasts of burden.
They are the people who do most of the menial jobs, toilet cleaning, looking after the elderly.
They suffer racial discrimination every at jobs, housing, sport, politics, churches, everywhere.
It is therefore not wise to encourage refugees to go and settle in Europe because they will in future regret that decision.
Instead the imperialist nations causing wars and instability in Africa and the Middle-East must be forced to stop it and get out.
This is the guarantee that the people that are running away from their homes because of the war, will have no reason to leave their countries to go to Europe.


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