Government’s takeover of council projects noble


FOR far too long there have been calls for local authorities to shape up or ship out.
Numerous calls have been made for them to deliver.
Those calls have fallen on deaf ears.
It appears we have not been electing the right people to do the job, that of providing quality service.
We have been subjected to shocking incompetence by our councils because of the people elected to man those offices.
Heaps of litter, non-functioning robots and street lights that do not work and potholes, have become commonplace.
Thank God Government has decided to act on the roads issue, driving had become a nightmare.
President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has ordered the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development to take over the rehabilitation of roads in Harare and other urban areas.
That is a most welcome move.
Indeed the current crop of councillors does not have the capacity to run the councils.
Many of these councillors are sabotaging the country.
One gets the feeling that they are putting party interests ahead of those of the nation.
Some of these councillors think poor service delivery will get their parties votes.
That is naïve and imprudent thinking.
Potholed roads affect everyone.
They know no political colour, shape or make.
Ongoing work on our roads has delighted all.
There is movement in terms of restoring the pride of our cities.
There is visible progress.
Roads are being repaired and resurfaced.
The pride and glitter of the cities is slowly returning.
Vehicle owners can now drive safely on our roads.
There are other benefits as well.
Jobs are being created.
The second issue speaks directly to the voter.
This is the voter whose interests have been neglected.
The voter who has had to contend with neglect of duty by local authorities.
After paying bills the ratepayer has gotten a raw deal so what is the next thing to do?
The only logical act is to show these councillors the exit door.
Surely we cannot continue to be subjected to shoddy service when we pay our bills in full.
We cannot continue to elect the same people who have blatant disregard for service delivery.
We cannot continue to tolerate incompetence from the local authorities when the Government is working flat out to revive the economy.
We need to show respect to the investors who are showing goodwill by coming into the country.
The current leadership has shown us what competence can do for the country.
It is time we choose competence over selfish interests.


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