Graduation season is upon us


SOON, our institutions of higher learning would be churning out thousands of graduates.
The usual noise from the usual voices will be that of lamentation.
They will be lamenting about Government’s alleged failure to create jobs.
They will be lamenting about the so-called ‘death of the economy’.
But there is something, a critical issue that seems to elude their minds.
Or is it because they choose to deliberately not see?
The graduands, coming from these tertiary institutions have invested time and effort in solving critical problems afflicting the nation in the form of researches.
And these researches, most of which are not hypothetical, would be invaluable if only they could reach the targeted beneficiaries and recipients.
So far, most of the country’s parastatals such as NRZ, TelOne, NetOne, ZESA, ZERA and ZIMRA, among others, have been beneficiaries of conclusive researches that have come up with workable turn-around strategies for the economy.
Sadly, most of these papers are gathering dust in the library, waiting to be stumbled upon by those with progressive minds.
Because there is no synergy between institutions of higher learning and industry, much of the research is turning out to be research for research’s sake.
It is becoming research meant for examiners and supervisors’ eyes only.
Yet this is research that can be dusted from libraries and used as reference points to the country’s economic turn-around efforts.
There is a reason most of our parastatals are struggling to perform to expectations.
This is because they spend lots of money on these researches which are being conducted by outsiders who are woefully detached from the prevailing reality.
We have brilliant and vibrant minds at our tertiary institutions.
These know exactly what we need.
They appreciate the challenges we face and know the exact solutions to them.
We should not just harness these minds but embrace and implement researches they have carried out to maximum effect.
One hears people wishing the country had many think tanks like other countries.
But our tertiary institutions and universities are the very think tanks that we yearn for.
They have the infrastructure, the manpower, the ideas and best of all, the fresh minds that are itching to make a difference.
All they require is to be pointed in the right direction.
As a nation, we should not be caught napping, kurara nezamu mukanwa.
It is up to Government and policymakers to make use of the research papers that our graduates worked so hard to churn out.
Add to that, there is also need to inculcate in the students a paradigm shift where they do not see themselves merely as students but as contributors to the future of our nation.
They must not be leaving colleges and varsities thinking of where they can get a job.
Instead they must come out of the institutions with propositions to Government, to industry and the community.
Home grown solutions are always best and sustainable and these are best produced by the owners of the land.
In this information age, where things become obsolete in no time, fresh minds that can keep up with developments are needed.
We have confidence in our young and our institutions that are transforming into centres producing relevant programmes and graduands.


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