Greedy Europe can’t stop migrant problem


THERE is this often peddled false interpretation by colonialist media that people are forced to leave their countries because of political reasons when in fact it is economic reasons. And in most cases the economic problems, either through war or sanctions, are created by the West together with the United States. Take Libya for example. Here is a country which had a thriving economy, but was ruined by the West and America because they wanted control of the Libyan oil wells. The nullity of the argument that they had to relieve Libya of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s ‘bad governance’ becomes clear, although in retrospect, if the anarchy now prevailing in a once thriving economy is anything to go by. Because of the liberal distribution of arms to anti-Gaddafi rebels, some of these lethal weapons have found their way to other countries in the region. Hence the destabilisation of the region triggering economic problems. This partly explains the present exodus of migrants from across North Africa, who are risking their lives in ramshackle boats as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. The choice of Europe as a destination is not by accident. For the emigrants know that it is in Europe, where their natural resources have been taken to boost their industries, where jobs can be found. Libyans know the oil which used to help them get free houses and education is now boosting the economies of the unholy coalition of European countries that joined hands to get rid of Gaddafi. Look at Somalia. The Americans worsened the situation there by sending troops under cover of the United Nations in a vain attempt to get rid of Mohamed Farrah Aidid. Somalia has never recovered since then and of course no country prospers in a state of war. That is why among the thousands of migrants hoping to find jobs in Europe are impoverished Somalis. Zimbabwe also has its own story to tell. Lies spread by colonial mouthpieces, be they local or international, that Zimbabweans are rushing to South Africa to escape ‘bad governance’ by President Mugabe have since been exposed as regime change propaganda. With the illegal sanctions and the relocation of industries to South Africa, some Zimbabweans are seen daring to swim across the crocodile-infested Limpopo to look for their jobs exported to South Africa. So contrary to the picture created by regime change agents, Zimbabweans have flocked to South Africa for economic reasons and not political ones. Our natural resources have been exploited by the British for years, thereby boosting the British economy. No wonder Zimbabweans, like other colonial victims in Africa, have migrated to Britain to look for jobs created by natural resources from their countries. As African problems created by the West mount, more from Africa try to escape resulting in the tragedy now being witnessed in the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of migrants have drowned in failed attempts to get to Europe and there seems to be no end in sight. A recent G7 meeting attempting to solve what they consider the ‘refugee problem’ appears to be completely off the mark. Suggestion of an EU quota system in the distribution of African emigrants does not look at the root cause of the so-called crisis. Europe must stop taking measures that are bound to create problems for Africa. Why should Europe endeavour to choose leaders for Africa to the extent of arming dissident groups as they did to Libya? Why should Europe impose illegal sanctions on a country that is trying to see how best it can redistribute its resources like they have done with Zimbabwe? Europe must stop being greedy and learn to respect the sovereignty of African states. This way the reverse scramble, this time for Europe by Africa might eventually come to an end.


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