Greeks and the practice of Hellenism: Part One


GREECE was the first white nation to become a world power.
Before the Greeks, the world was run by black civilisations.
The Greeks were known as Hellenists and they openly practised what was known as Hellenism.
In this series we shall uncover some of the aspects of our modern society which have Hellenic influences.
One of the places most affected by the Hellenists and Hellenism was India.
The original indigenous Indian was just as black as the African, but possessed straighter hair and a less broad nose and stature.
These original Indians still exist among the Tamil in southern India and Sri Lanka.
Hellenism came to India by way of Arian invasions.
Before the Greek invasion of India, there was no such thing called Hinduism. Hinduism was the corruption of the culture and beliefs of the Indians.
The Indians considered themselves a little Africa and their culture and beliefs were based on teachings by black Ethiopians born in India.
Examples of these men are Gautama, Bodhidharma and Nagarjuna.
These enlightened black men were believed to be manifestations of God and they were called sages and saints.
They were black and so wooly haired that their hair grew into locks.
They taught that before the world was formed, none existed, but God, who was referred to as ‘the Power’.
They taught that the first name of God was Sambo, which was derived from svayambhu; which meant the power of self existence.
This name would eventually be pronounced as Shiva or Siva, meaning ‘power’.
They taught that God is in all things, but His designated host and temple is man. They taught that God is omnipotent and has no beginning or end.
The manifestation of God in mankind was symbolised by a conical tower which was known as Shiva’s lingam.
This meant the seat of the Power or the seat of God.
The Buddhas were also symbolised with this conical tower above their heads because they were believed to be manifestations of God.
When the Greeks arrived in this highly spiritual society, they would corrupt it in the most horrendous of ways.
First, when the Greeks saw conical towers in the temples and the images of the Buddhas, they perversely claimed that the conical tower symbolised a penis.
To this day, many Hindus have been Hellenised into thinking that Shiva’s lingam is a phallic symbol.
Shiva’s lingam is actually the pineal gland, which is the only conical tower symbol which is referred to as the seat of God.
When the Europeans came into Zimbabwe and saw the conical tower of Zimbabwe, they also perversely claimed that it was a phallic and fertility symbol.
This false notion was upheld until independence when the indigenous black people successfully discredited the corrupt interpretation.
It is important to know that many of the Greeks, Alexander included, were openly homosexual and they practised what is known as phallic worship.
The Greek women were treated in the worst manner; they were bought, sold and prostituted.
On the contrary, the Greek men, particularly the young ones were upheld in Greek society.
They were perverts and paedophiles.
The Greeks themselves made and worshipped phallic symbols.
The religion of Hinduism was subjected to significant Hellenic influence in that it is a religion of a people who previously used to believe in one Almighty God who manifests Himself in chosen men.
They have become polytheists.
Nowadays many Indians believe that there is a god for everything and yet this used not to be the case.
Before cameras, images of people and objects were made through sculpturing.
The original images of Shiva and the Buddhas clearly show black wooly haired people as a testimony to their African identity.
The blacks also used serpents and lions to symbolise that they were sages and Africans respectively.
When the Greeks occupied India they attempted to re-sculpture these images in order to make them look more Greek.
However, the original black images remain in substantially enough numbers to discredit the effort of white washing of black symbols by the Hellenists.
The story of the Arians was known to the Indians well, and the black sages of India had prophesied the coming of Alexander and the Greeks long before it happened. They carved the coming events in stone on the walls of their temples.
When the Greeks realised that the stories of the cursed races were well known to the Indians, they corrupted the information they had and established a class system which would turn the truth upside down and make the blacks seem as if they were the cursed among mankind.
The Greeks single handedly wrote the Hindu religion and class system, positioning the black wooly haired African at the very bottom of the social hierarchy.
After the black wooly haired, came the black straight haired, then the dark hued mixed race, light hued mixed race and at the very top were the whites.
The ones at the lowest level were known as the untouchables and people were not allowed to talk to them, make eye contact with them, touch them or share anything with them for they became outcasts.
The Hindu class system exists to this day and through it, many Indians have become lighter by the generations.
This was in fact the ambition of Alexander, for the whites to mix with the blacks to form a mixed race society.
Shiva was unmistakably a black man with dreadlocks.
For the class system to work, the Greeks began painting Shiva blue or green, but still wearing dreadlocks.
Shiva was made to look non-human and mythical because no man on earth is blue or green.
The true depiction of Shiva was a typical ancient African warrior, with minimal clothing covering his nakedness (nhembe), astounding physical fitness, holding spears.
The Nagas who were the divine people of India were sages and were simply the n’anga that most Africans are familiar with.
Nowadays the Nagas are among the untouchables when it was them who introduced the teachings of God and faith to the Indians in the first place.
Apart from Hinduism, Hellenism has greatly affected many other aspects of Asia today.
For instance, in Japan, the corruption of the conical tower symbol by the Hellenists into making it look like a phallic symbol has led to a festival of phallic worship. The Japanese now make actual symbols of the penis in the form of lolly pops and so on.
This perversion is owed to Hellenism.


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