Heath Streak and the black peoples’ tragedy


THOSE who read history must have seen Heath Streak coming, long before he even thought about it himself.
He is simply a simple-minded cog in a recurrent black people’s tragedy.
The advice to black people is to pity the poor fellow, but never forgive him.
The question to throw at him is: “If the sanctions they campaigned for against black empowerment had indeed yielded the desired effect of regime change intended to restore exclusive white privilege, would they have ever had it in them to forgive ZANU PF?”
“Would they have again campaigned to let President Robert Mugabe, the service chiefs, war veterans and other staunch supporters of black sovereignty live in peace?
“Would they have allowed the beneficiaries of Land Reform Programme to keep the recovered land?”
I do not hate Heath Streak or his partners in deceit.
But, like President Mugabe said on his 90th birthday, I simply love myself more than I tolerate the British.  
And then, I also come from a background where it was never recommended kurova imbwa takaviga mupinyi.  
It is sad that Heath Streak should cite Nelson Mandela, whom the white community would have kept alive for a thousand years while in the same context want Mugabe dead like yesterday.
It is racially arrogant and self-righteous for him to ask the European Union (EU) to draw lessons from Nelson Mandela who was ‘about the future … not about the past. … If he recalled the past and counted wrongs and injustices, South Africa would be in trouble today. He was about reconciliation, he was about dialogue, he was about forgetting the past and focusing on the future, that is why he was great.’
So, the EU has to forgive us black Zimbabweans?
For what?
What past wrongs and injustices can Rhodesians, Americans and the EU cite against ‘we’, their black victims.
How are they going to remember and forget slavery and then above all count it among the black man’s past wrongs against the white man?
How are Europeans going to forget the theft of our land, the lynching of our black ancestors and then come out of it so clean they must be the ones to forgive the victim?
How are they going to make apartheid the black man’s fault?
What cruel logic is going to make them forgive the black man for the Nyadzonia, Chimoio, Tembwe, Mkushi, Freedom Camp and Chibondo atrocities?
Does Heath Streak care to remember exactly who, between Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela was the first about reconciliation with those who had been unforgiving to them?
I have said that it was easy to see Heath Streak coming, long before he even conjured up the deceit himself.
It has become the habit of history for white people to abuse black people and then re-invent themselves as the champions who stop the abuse.
After making super-profit from the slave trade in black human beings, Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce re-invented themselves as the champions of the abolition of slavery.
Yet curiously, they did not relinquish the affluence harvested from the abuse in order to rehabilitate the victim.
They instead compensated the slave owners for the loss of human capital.
Their history does not record black resistance to slavery.
It only records the white people stopped the trade after profiting from it.
Four centuries down the line, Europeans like the homosexual Cecil John Rhodes who dispossessed Africans in the act of colonisation re-invented themselves as the champions of civilisation, notwithstanding the fact that the very act of dispossession is uncivilised.
They curiously baptised, forgave and then murdered the converts they had dispossessed.
They considered it an act of mercy and forgiveness to allow the people they dispossessed to continue to live on land taken from them.
During the black man’s liberation struggle the European churches that sanctioned the abuse of the black race and benefitted from stolen land without any qualms considered it an act of mercy to give scholarships to black children in order to give them a Western education that would bias their perspectives in favour of exclusive Western interests.
In 1979, the British government that had colonised and dispossessed black Zimbabweans purported to champion the black man’s liberation while in reality guaranteeing the survival of exclusive white interests through the willing-seller-willing-buyer resettlement clause of the Lancaster House Constitution.
After 2000, the very same Rhodesians like Iain Kay, Roy Bennett, Eddie Cross, David Coltart and the apartheid war criminal Mike Campbell, who championed the genocide of black Zimbabweans re-invented themselves as the champions of non-racial human rights, when in reality what they advocated was the restoration of exclusive white ownership of Zimbabwean land.
And now, Heath Streak and company who vigorously compaigned for anti-black empowerment sanctions want to re-invent themselves as the champions of a fight black people have already won on their own.
This is a fight we black people have won in spite of Heath Streak and his anti-black empowerment company.    
And, it is high time we black people learnt to hit the dog tisina kuviga mupinyi.
Let us only pity, but never forgive the poor devils for always taking our intellect for granted.


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