THE MDC Alliance vice-president, Tendai Biti, recently found himself in familiar territory – Western capitals – to give his views on how Government can be changed illegally in Zimbabwe.

This time in London, after leaving Chatham House, he was talking about use of violence to coerce President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the negotiating table.

Not so long ago, he was in Washington, accompanied by Nelson Chamisa and Peter Godwin, urging the US to maintain illegal sanctions against their own country.

To Biti and and his colleagues, illegal sanctions and violence are deemed ideal instruments to dislodge the ZANU PF Government.

Yet this is a country where blood was spilled to usher in democracy and the subsequent one-person-one-vote elections.

We guess this is the kind of democracy Biti’s Western friends usually talk about.

Unfortunately, this is not the sort of democracy Biti envisions. 

To him, universal adult suffrage is only valid if the party he supports wins. 

In our case, it’s less than a year since we last had our democratic elections witnessed by local, regional as well as international observers.

Let’s go back to Biti’s recent visit to Chatham House.

Here he talks about crude methods he would like to use to force the President to the negotiating table.

What is ironic is that, as Biti was issuing his threats, other Zimbabwean political leaders, who contested in the last elections, were forging ahead with meetings to share ideas.

The MDC Alliance, for reasons best known to themselves, snubbed the dialogue initiative.

It looks like Biti and his party believe whatever stance they take would always be backed by Western powers.

After all, the MDC was formed at Chatham House with the express purpose of trying to derail ZANU PF and promote the interests of our former colonisers.

And it looks like Biti is their blue-eyed boy.

Biti is now in the habit of putting on this blue-eyed boy mantle whenever he is visiting Western capitals to give his ideas on how to overthrow a democratically elected Government.

To him, it doesn’t matter the effects his methods will have on the people on whose behalf he claims to be fighting.

His plea for the continuation of illegal sanctions was duly recognised by US President Donald Trump.

But to what effect?

There is a lot of suffering among innocent women and children because of these illegal sanctions and it is paradoxical that this is at the behest of fellow Zimbabweans. 

If we look at the violence of January 14-16 2019, again we we see the senselessness of violence as the people who suffered most are innocent peace-loving Zimbabweans.

What Biti and his fellow Western disciples must know is that imperialists do not care a hoot about the lives of blacks in this country. 

These quislings, so long as they are black, are no different in the eyes of Western capital.

The Western capitalists are prepared to see death and suffering as long as the they achieve their aim of controlling the resources of this country.

Our advice to Biti and those of his ilk is that Zimbabwe, like the US and Britain, is sovereign. 

To expect solutions to this country’s problems to come from the authors of the same, our former colonisers, is the height of political immaturity.


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