Heroes’ Day in the Diaspora


WE celebrate National Heroes’ Day at a time its deep meaning and relevance could not be more significant.
The life lessons bequeathed us by our national heroes, whose blood has watered our independence, echo so eloquently across the span of time and prepare us for our present challenges.
The love for the motherland is deeply felt by Zimbabwe’s children thousands of miles away from home.
Now more than ever, people here are discovering and appreciating the need to find all that which bind us together.
Our national heroes and heroines, through their common purpose and vision of liberation and focused determination, summon us to find a common cause.
They remind us of the ongoing struggle to ensure every Zimbabwean has the opportunity to fulfil his/her full potential.
Zimbabweans in the UK had this to say concerning Heroes’ Day:
Cde Kennedy Mupomba, a lawyer and social scientist from Harlow: “I lived in the colonial era and our heroes fought to remove socio-economic injustices.
“For example, just travelling to cities to seek employment was restricted.
“History is awash with people who endevoured to remove the yoke of oppressors, heroes and heroines who fought for our liberation. In my studies in the UK, I have noted how they revere those who sought to improve the position of the sapped ones.
“Our heroes and heroines must be revered and Zimbabweans must never forget the sacrifices made by their heroes and heroines.”
Cde PM, a patriot from Leicester: “For our national heroes, freedom was the essence of our humanity.
“They knew that what distinguishes us as a people is our capacity for free action and our free will.
“But there are things which constrain our freedom and which, therefore, militate against the work of our heroes.
“Corruption constrains our freedom.
“As a society, we have to do way with the evil of corruption and always preach that it retards development.
“We have to find ways to inculcate and reinforce that in our children.
“In the home, at school, through the media and in the popular culture, we have to teach our very young ones that corruption destroys and never builds.
“The country’s wealth must be for the country and not for greedy individuals who want to set back the positive Government programmes.”
Cde Tindo Gwazai, from London: “As we remember our heroes, it is time to teach our history to our children.
“Let them know that the freedoms they enjoy came at a great price.
“Our various freedoms must be cherished and protected.
“When we do not value one another and our resources, we are are dishonouring our heroes.”
Cde Ignatious Musavengana, a London lawyer:
“We must pull together, not pull apart.
“We must build bridges, not walls.
“We must shake hands, not clench fists.
“On this national Heroes’ Day, let us rekindle the flame of co-operation, consensus-building and caring.
“Our heroes remind us that life is best lived in community and in fulfilling a purpose that is bigger than ourselves.
“We need to recapture that spirit of self-sacrifice. We can’t build a society with each person just looking out for themselves.
“This is the spirit we must nurture in Zimbabwe today.
“We must not be a nation of sellouts ready to sell our birthright for a few crumbs.
“We disgrace the memory of all the fallen if we sup with the enemy and continue to do his bidding.
“How can we seek to undo all that was gained at a steep price?
“This Heroes’ Day, I salute all Zimbabweans abroad who even far away have not forgotten home and continue to work for the motherland.
“Those who are contributing to the growth of our economy in far away lands are heroes compared to those back home who are soiling the legacy of our gallant freedom fighters.
“Every Zimbabwean, anywhere in the world, has a moral obligation and duty to the nation.
“We all must continue with the work that began with the First Chimurenga.
“There is still so much to do for our country.
“Let us not disappoint those who made sacrifices and ensured that we would live in a free Zimbabwe in which we could be whoever we wanted to be.”


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