Hip-hop group mesmerises fans


THE 23rd edition of the OK Grand Challenge saw multitudes of Zimbabweans thronging Borrowdale Race Course in Harare for mixed entertainment from horse racing to the artistes invited to perform at the function. Sulumani Chimbetu was one of the star attractions, but not to be outdone was a vibrant hip-hop dance group with a peculiar Greek name, ZINA. The group left the audience yearning for more after displaying their dances which included boogaloo, popping, locking and b’boying. B-boying is a breakdance which can be performed on the floor using the hands to support one’s weight. Acrobatic moves dominate this dance. Popping entails gliding, floating and sliding and involves a lot of footwork. When performed, dancers usually look like they are skating on the floor as if they are on ice. Locking is similiar to popping except that dancers usually hold their positions on the dance floor longer. The dance crew told Patriot Arts that ZINA meant nourishment. “It is a group that adds value to an individual, giving him a responsibility to shape the future positively,” said Lesedi Mzwimbi, the leader. He said ZINA had performed at various functions including the FIFA World Cup and the Cape Town Youth Festival in South Africa last year. In Zimbabwe, he said, the group has performed at church events as well as gracing this year’s Harare International Festival of the Arts. ZINA was formed in 2008, although members of the group began dancing at a tender age. The group is unique in that it does not have an instructor, but works together in bringing up ideas before rehearsing. Of interest among the dancers is one handicapped member who dances with such enthusiasm that he left the crowd stunned. ZINA also has a young Indian girl Tezzy Mahomed who thrilled fans with her moves. A Greek national identified as Mike is also part of the crew. Mzwimbi, a South African, said it was the idea of togetherness and unity that pushed the group to include different races and nationalities in the hip-hop dance ensemble


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