How blacks are perceived in China: Part Two


LAST week we looked at how the Chinese people perceive blacks in general.
However, there are some Chinese nationals who study about blacks or have travelled to Africa.
These are more informed and for the most part revere blackness.
On a train, I once met a Chinaman who talked about how he read an article that said the ancestors of the Chinese were black people.
He went further to say all humans came from the black race which was the first to exist on earth and is thus the archetype of mankind.
This is true and Chinese geneticists have known this for quite a long time now.
A renowned Chinese geneticist, Professor Jin Li, confirmed the validity of this hypothesis in 2005.
He is currently the vice-president of Fudan University in Shanghai.
He had set out to prove that the Chinese had evolved from the homo erectus.
After taking over 12 000 DNA samples from 165 ethnic groups in China, he found that none of them had markers that suggested they were descendants of the homo erectus.
Instead, he found that each and every marker traced back to African DNA.
This was irrefutable evidence that all modern humans of all races are descendants of ancient blacks who can be traced back to east Africa.
Among the Africans, the blacks who contain these early human genetic markers are the Khoi and San people, also known as the Bushmen.
They have the largest genetic diversity among all of mankind.
It is no wonder the Chinese resemble the Khoisan in facial features, particularly the eyes, small body stature and so on.
The Khoi have been allocated the name Y haplotype A because they were the first.
The genetic evidence of humans having east African origins concurs with the Biblical hypothesis of Adam coming from the eastern part of the Garden of Eden (Africa).
Geneticists have thus named Y haplotype A Adam.
Maternal DNA has also been traced to east Africa were the earliest woman originated. So the informed Chinese know they have black and African roots or ancestry.
The Chinese have also pondered upon the fact that blacks are physically more prominent than other races and some have been trying to understand why.
Others have argued that in the case of black Americans, the issue of breeding to produce stronger slaves may have contributed to the manifestation of extraordinary black athletes like Shaquille O’Neil.
But even when they look back to Africa, where the African-Americans were procured, they find the black specimen to be altogether physically prominent.
It has been evident that if blacks partake in bodybuilding, they build muscle faster and have more definition in their aesthetic than other races.
It was from the sport of bodybuilding that the saying ‘blacks have good genes’ became popular in the West.
The Chinese, therefore, went a step further to study the blackman’s morphology in relation to their own and that of the white race in an attempt to determine what it is that gives blacks the edge.
The following is a translation and paraphrase of the findings that a Chinese scientist and researcher published and shared on the Chinese internet server called baidu.
According to scientific research on humans, the black human’s muscle has a long strip.
The connective tissue is developed and has good adhesive performance.
Their muscles contract and expand well and their muscle relaxation-co-ordination performance is excellent.
This physiological function is advantageous because it reduces the effects of muscle fatigue during sports.
In addition, the blackman’s muscle fibre is typically classified as fast twitch muscle fibre.
Ironically fast muscle fibre is called black muscle fibre.
Blacks have less red (slow) muscle fibre and researchers have found that black or fast muscle fibre is up to 85 percent in black people.
This means blacks are altogether more dynamic and their movements can quickly produce a strong explosive force.
This is suitable for fast and explosive track and field sports.
Black people’s feet are different from those of other races.
The big toe (hallux) of other races is long but the black man’s hallux and index toe are both long.
His calcaneus (heel bone) and soles are well developed and have the strength of carrying 150-200 kg.
In comparison, yellow (Asian) people’s calcaneus and soles can only carry 100 kg and whites up to 150 kg.
The blackman’s heel tendon is relatively long and the foot well arched.
The entire foot type is as flexible as a bow.
This bow type has a foot spring which enables stronger jumps.
When landing, the shock is less impactful and it has good buffer performance.
Blacks have relatively high blood density. The high number and good condition of their cells favour sound human movement.
Their haemoglobin has increased oxygen supply and this reduces lactic acid and carbon dioxide build-up.
Therefore, the black body is built in a way that maintains a proper potential hydrogen (acid-alkaline) balance and physiological function (homeostasis) better than other races.
This type of blood is good quality and facilitates powerful activity, fast frequency and works well in controlling the muscle system.
This ensures the potential of the body to move dynamically.
Upon visual inspection, the black body’s trunk is short and the limbs are long.
These are typical high centre of gravity structural features.
These structural features meet the requirements of fast and flexible track and field sports.
The black’s hips are also upturned and are thus appropriate for explosive movements such as sprinting.
These properties that have been found in blacks are a major contribution to why black athletes are as fast as runaway wild horses in the 100-metre races.
Their running speed, strength and endurance is like that of ‘Superman’.
Science, therefore, proves that the blacks have a superior physical structure and physiological functions.
They are most suited for explosive bouncing, sprinting, long-distance running, jumping and other actions than any other race.
Though yellow (Asian) people can make themselves become strong through hard work, it is clear the yellow and white body is less gifted than that of blacks.
The article’s conclusion was that blacks have inherent physiological advantages but working twice as hard for longer periods can still make up for the deficiencies in other races.
This is true considering the excellent aesthetic that was achieved by Asians such as Bruce Lee.
Evidently, there are a lot of scientific facts about blacks that even Africans do not know about themselves, but are known to some Chinese researchers.
This displays the high level of development in China in the fields of science and research.
It is empowering to know that the dark hue of our skin, which is owed to eu-melanin is coupled with an outstanding morphology.
In the West, these discoveries have been downplayed or suppressed because of racism and stigma as whites have been trying to portray themselves as a superior race.
Until recently, the research done in the West has mostly been subjective.
Science aside, sports — the best way to measure human physical performance — have shown that blacks are a physically dominant race and the Asians have no problem accepting this reality.
Such objective studies by the Chinese have caused their people to look at blacks in good light and will, hopefully make blacks look at themselves in good light too.


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