THE formation of modern Israel was a wholly colonial expedition, conducted by Eastern European immigrants and refugees with the assistance of Britain.

The Balfour Declaration letter written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lionel Walter Rothschild, expressing the British Government’s support for a Jewish homeland.

It is not a return of God’s chosen people to their homeland because these Europeans are not descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but simply converts to Talmudic Judaism.

After the downfall of the Moors, Palestine was under Ottoman rule. 

That is until the Ottomans were overcome by British forces.

Britain, through the Balfour Declaration of 1917, agreed to use its power, influence and prestige to help the Zionists in establishing a national home for the partakers of Judaism. Balfour had been coerced to do so by a wealthy Jewish family called the Rothschild. 

At this point, the immigrant European Jews made up less than 10 percent of the Palestinian population.

The British were the pioneers in ill treating the Palestinians. 

Before the Jews had an army, they observed how the British colonial government handled their colony. 

They regularly destroyed Palestinian houses and such tactics are very much evident in modern Israel’s brutal regime.

It was also the British who militarised the Jews as they mobilised Jewish militia like the Haganha to help them counter the Palestinian revolt of 1920. 

The revolt was caused by the rapid influx of whites into the country.

It was Britain, again, which facilitated for the Jews from Germany and Poland to be settled in the land as refugees during the time of Hitler. 

They came in numbers of hundreds and thousands. From that point on, whites who purport to be Jews were imported from all around Europe to settle in Israel in the stead of Palestinians.

Palestinians were expelled from their homes and country and the few that remain in the land are no more than 20 percent of the population.

This was done to ensure the whites became a majority over the natives as was done in Australia and the Americas.

The Zionist movement became prominent only when Britain made the cunning decision to grant independence and hand over power to the Jewish immigrants and refugees instead of the Palestinians who were undoubtedly indigenous to the land. 

The United Nations (League of Nations), in 1948, supported this resolution and apportioned the land, leaving a small part for Palestinians and the greater part for the settlers. Israel would militarily take up more land than was apportioned to them.

The UN supported them because the Jews were backed by Britain and they also used their media influence to portray their mass containment in Germany as a genocide.

They were claiming that six million Jews were systematically gassed to death and their labour camps were actually death camps. When asked about the whereabouts of the bodies, they claimed they were buried in mass graves. When no mass graves were found, they claimed the bodies were dug out and cremated. 

With such a large number of organised killings, there has to be mountains of ash from the bodies but no such thing was ever found. Rather, what is evident is that the so called Jews of Germany were put in paid labour camps with a special currency.

They had recreational facilities such as theatres, sports fields and so on. 

They would live together in numbers amounting to thousands and thus their personal shoes were taken upon entering the camps and their heads were shaven to prevent the infestation of lice.

It is this hair and these shoes that are unjustifiably presented as evidence that the Jews were exterminated by Germans.

In actual fact, theirs was a punishment for destroying the economy and moral fabric of Germany. They were not condemned to death but put to work until Hitler and the Nazi Government could find a place to expel them permanently from Germany.

No one order to kill a Jew on the grounds of being Jewish was found in writing or on tape. 

The recorded deaths of Jews was owing to starvation which took place as the war was ending and Germany was losing ground. The rest were casualties of war, though most Jews were exempt from fighting because they were put in protected labour camps. The era of gas chambers had also phased out long before Hitler existed. 

The places the Jews claim they were gassed to death were unsophisticated and not air tight and thus unfit for gassing. 

The cremation rooms were few and small, too insignificant to achieve the systematic cremation of six million people in the period in question. 

This was especially so considering that a single corpse takes about two hours to cremate.

But, to this day, we find Jewish propaganda films showing the most horrendous acts being committed against Jews by Germans. Claims they have failed to prove and substantiate a thousand times over, but are now misconstrued as truths.

All this is to keep people’s eyes off the ball and forget that the Palestinians are being outrightly robbed of their land by white colonialists in this modern period.

Suppose the claims of the genocide were true.  Why then do Palestinians have to suffer for something the Germans allegedly did?

Zionist Israel was set up as a bastion for Western nations in the Middle East. 

It is a destabilising force in the region. 

A base for Western military and intelligence apparatus, much like South Africa in Africa. 

And like SA in the 1980s, the so-called Jews practiced and continue to practice apartheid in the way they govern their colony. Palestinians make up the largest refugee population on earth because they were literally replaced by settler-whites who took over their homes, olive gardens, grapevines and dates fields among other things.

Palestinians are killed regularly by Israeli forces and imprisoned without trial.

At times, thousands die and are injured by the hand of Israeli forces in a single day, but no one does anything about it.

The West, particularly the US and UK never condemn Israel for its criminal and savage behaviour but instead they give them political support, positive media coverage, aid, intelligence and weapons.

Israel is one of the most dependent nations on earth, with US taxpayer’s money being used to procure many of the commodities they need.

When Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, this is what he had to say about the Jews and Palestine:

“When Zionism tries to convince the world that the racial self-determination of the Jew would be satisfied by creating their own state in Palestine, the Jews are once again practically pulling the wool over the eyes of the stupid gentiles.They never intended to build a Jewish state in Palestine for the sake of living in it.

They just want an organisation headquarters for their international swindling and cheating with its own political power that is beyond the reach and interference of other nations.It would be a refuge for crooks in the open and a college for future swindlers.”

Indeed, this is the Israel we are dealing with today. Western values like homosexuality are openly practiced and promoted in places like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

Yet the world continues to wrongly associate these European converts with God’s chosen people who condemned homosexuals to death. Because of Zionist Israel’s backing by the US and UK, the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews goes largely unpunished.

Retaliation or the quest of liberation by the Palestinians or other regional members is always countered by joint military attacks with the aid of these and more Western powers.


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