Imperialists still on the prowl


WHY is it people in urban areas prefer a party created by the whiteman, MDC – a party financed and run on behalf of the whiteman by some Zimbabweans.
The MDC Alliance, after grandstanding and promising Zimbabwe and the world that they had been cheated in the 2018 harmonised elections, decided to take their theatrics to court.
A leadership composed of lawyers sought to make fun of Zimbabwe’s judiciary as the whole world watched, including their paymasters.
Undaunted, the judiciary did not mince their words as the theatrics were thrown out of court, with costs.
The MDC Alliance is no man’s friend as much as the whiteman is no man’s friend.
They are driven by their egotistical interests.
In the Harare they claim is their ‘territory’, they masterminded violent protests which got people killed, injured and property destroyed.
They organised the violent demonstrations in Harare to get world attention.
They hoped it would be serious enough to get their ‘friends’ to intervene and steal victory from ZANU PF from the people of Zimbabwe, but they did not succeed.
Their cause of returning Zimbabwe to the British for 30 pieces of silver hit a brick wall.
However, the antics of the MDC are not new.
The party is simply being used by imperialists as they have always done the world over.
In Ghana, the British and the Americans used a bunch of malcontents in the military to overthrow a great African leader who was set to transform his country for the benefit of his people.
Kwame Nkrumah planned to industrialise his country in one generation and transform the lives of his people.
He planned a huge hydro-electric project to provide power for this industrialisation.
Close to his heart also, was the liberation of Africa and the establishment of training camps for liberation forces, providing them with financial and political support.
By the time he was overthrown in the CIA-inspired coup, Ghana had 68 sprawling state-owned factories, producing every need for the population – virtually everything!
For being a responsible leader for Ghanaians and the whole of Africa, they overthrew him.
The CIA was at the helm of his debenture.
The only good president for the imperialists is the one who hates his people, for then they can steal undisturbed, hence Nkrumah had to be removed.
When they say ‘you are an enemy of the people’, they mean ‘you are their enemy’ — but the two are diametrically opposed.
In Libya, it did not matter that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had instituted a democracy such as the world had never known.
It was socialism that ensured health and education were free.
Housing was a right and so was employment.
Newly-weds got state subsidies to help them get started.
Those with children got state grants and those who finished school and found no employment received a salary equivalent to what they would get had they been employed and on getting employed, the state assisted towards the cost for an apartment and a car.
Proceeds from the nation’s oil were paid into citizens’ individual accounts.
For this, the West killed Colonel Gaddafi.
For this, they branded him an ‘enemy of the people’.
The West hounded, haunted and hunted him to his death.
When several nations go all out to assassinate a head of state because of greed and lust for what belongs to others, the world has lost sanity.
This level of terrorism reveals the insanity of the insatiable greed of capitalism which will never stop at anything to get everything for itself to the exclusion of everyone else.
The British, Americans and the French spearheaded this murderous mission.
How much grief can the heart hold?
How much grief can it bear?
Colonel Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren, among many other Libyans, were murdered.
They destroyed the paradise Colonel Gaddafi had built for his kinsmen.
Today, Libya is in shambles, while the West is looting oil at will.
In Cuba, Fidel Castro was a sworn enemy of the US and its allies because he looked after his people.
He built a socialist system with the best medical care which rivals that of the US and other ‘First World’ countries.
He trained thousands of doctors sufficient for Cuba and excess for export to other countries in Africa and Latin America.
Zimbabwe is a specific beneficiary.
Castro built a Cuba in which everyone had a home.
Not even the US can boast this feat.
For this, the Americans tried to kill him at least 600 times and sabotaged his economy in many ways, including unleashing bacteriological warfare on his people and livestock.
The US even tried to invade the country in 1961 to depose him.
The West will kill African leaders who faithfully serve their people and they laud quislings.
For instance, the US asked if MDC Alliance’s Tendai Biti was safe in the wake of his August 1 2018 debacle which left six people dead, property destroyed and others injured.
It never worried about the dead and injured, but their instrument Biti.
ZANU PF is under fire from the West because it is the friend of the people of Zimbabwe and represents the people’s interests.
Beware you who dwell in urban areas!
When you sup with the devil, use a long spoon!
The works and policies of the whiteman and their MDC Alliance is not for the good of Zimbabweans.
In Ghana, the industrialisation started by Nkrumah was stopped by the West.
In Libya, paradise ended after they killed Gaddafi.
Chaos reigns and their wealth is being looted right before their eyes.
No doubt, the whiteman is no man’s friend, neither is his front, the MDC Alliance.


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