Implosion of the MDC-T: Is Biti fit for purpose? – Part Two


PART ONE focused on some of the reasons why Biti and Tsvangirai are fighting each other today.
The fight is over party leadership and power and is far less about values and vision as the Biti faction would like us to believe!
Whoever emerges the winner becomes the point man of the British and a darling of Western donors!
To put it simply for the avoidance of doubt the fight is not about the MDC-T brand which, in any case, is already damaged beyond repair; it is over donor money earmarked for the regime change project in Zimbabwe!
From the British point of view, Tsvangirai has been a big disappointment in so far as the millions of pounds they poured into MDC-T coffers came to naught after the elections of July 31 2013.
The British hope is that Biti might turn out to be more effective than Tsvangirai in implementing the regime change project in Zimbabwe.
The question is whether Zimbabweans themselves are reading the same regime change project accurately and learning fast in order to protect their own national interests.
A few of these lessons are:
i) The British have not given up on their regime change project in Zimbabwe; after a bitter disappointment following the July 31 2013 elections they are now changing the form and style and even local faces associated with the project, but its objective remains the same, to get rid of a nationalistic ZANU PF government and install a puppet regime to protect Western economic interests in Zimbabwe!
ii) Just as the British are not giving up the fight for their interests in Zimbabwe, we should not be lulled into sleep by the re-engagement discourse which Western ambassadors started preaching to all and sundry, soon after the MDC-T disaster of July 2013.
This is the time to re-examine our education system which has, for better and for worse, produced the likes of Lovemore Madhuku, Welshman Ncube, Obert Gutu, Tendai Biti and a whole lot others who up to this day have failed to define who the real friends and enemies of Africa are!
Some of our people are professors even, but remain clueless as to why Africa remains poor while hosting hordes of priceless minerals under its rich soils!
Our education ministers, Olivia Muchena and Lazarus Dokora, face a daunting task, that of reviewing and strengthening our education systems so that they do not produce characters who remain ignorant about African history, whether they are specialising in medicine, law, maths, arts and or sciences.
Education should broaden our horizons in all directions possible, but our understanding of all those horizons should be based on our knowledge of who we are, where we are coming from and where we want to go.
In other words all forms of education are fine and more than welcome, but they should be studied and mastered from an African point of view!
As it is our education systems are producing highly educated Judas Iscariot characters raring to betray their national interests at the earliest opportunity and work for Westerners for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver!
In other words, education should bequeath to us a sense of pride in ourselves, a clear grasp of what our national interests are and how those interests need to be protected at all times and a sense of belonging to the larger entity called Africa—all aspects which are lacking in all MDC political formations.
Because we are dealing with a highly ambitious, but lost generation!
And that includes Biti!
Education should be our first line of defence against the ever-present fortune hunters from the West while our army should only be used as our last line of defence.
Accordingly, a lot needs to be done on our primary, secondary, tertiary and university education and the sooner the better for everyone!
iii) The recent attempts by the British to re-organise the MDC-T with Biti as the new face of it while discarding Tsvangirai at the same time is nothing new or original at all.
They tried to do the same using Simba Makoni as the young, educated guy who would mesmerise voters away from ZANU PF and make them vote for Mavambo ka One!
The poor fellow was promised money in the same way Biti is being promised money today.
Up to this day, ‘Mavambo’ has remained a beginning that never went anyway or far at all!
Should Biti fail to deliver Zimbabwe back to the British just as Makoni failed, he will also be discarded in favour of Strive Masiyiwa or someone else.
Should he also fail they will go for someone else, trying to decide who should run our country!
In brief, the Western hunt for local sell-outs in Africa has become a tradition that will go on for a long time to come!
Some of the sell-outs in demand are ill-educated, some are highly educated and sophisticated while others somewhere in-between.
The bottom line, as far as the West is concerned, is that all such potential local sell-outs should be foolish enough to work for the West itself and not for the common good of Africa and its people.
For instance, it is not a secret anymore that the British and the Americans plotted the downfall of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana in the late 60s and replaced him with a local puppet general.
The same happened to Patrice Lumumba of DRC who was deposed by the Americans and the British with practical support from Belgium and replaced by Joseph Mobutu.
This kind of foolishness displayed by Mobutu is what Augustino Neto of Angola referred to when he wrote in one of his famous poems that we Africans are ‘a simple people’.
Biti with all his lawyer education, he cannot grasp the simple fact that he is being asked to sell his country for very little in return!
With all his education Biti is no better than the semi-literate Tsvangirai that he is so desperate to dislodge from the party.
iv) The painful lesson for us is that Western countries have never allowed the defeat inflicted on them by anti-colonial struggles in Africa to stop them from trying to control Africa!
By the same token we should never lose sight of the fact that our nationhood is forever under serious threats from the same West which unleashed the horrors of slavery and colonisation upon us.
The only anti-dote to this perennial search for and enlistment of African sell-outs by the West is to cultivate a formidable sense of national consciousness and this is where our education systems come into play.


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