Interaction with the environment: Part Three……chemical medicine or natural herbs?


WORKING as an engineer for about two decades, Dr Sebi realised that a machine’s thermo dynamics could only be interrupted by short circuiting, obstruction and overheating.
He also realised that for electricity to be produced, there has to be an alkaline environment at a power plant.
He found the body to be no different and dismissed the claim that there are multiple diseases and that the medicine of mankind should be chemical and thus acidic.
An alkaline system eliminates disease and an acidic one promotes disease.
Disease literally means ‘dis ease’ (not feeling at ease) and this has a common cause which is inflammation by way of mucus build-up.
Where the inflammation takes place determines the type of disease one has.
If mucus is in the bronchial tube, it is called bronchitis.
If in the nasal passage it is called sinusitis, and if covering the lung cells it is called pneumonia.
Even Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) which is determined by a low T-cell count is caused by mucus accumulation in the lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system is instrumental in the immunology of the body and if clogged by mucus one will undoubtedly have a low T-cell count.
Along with the lymphatic system, the mucus in AIDS victims is also found in the skin and blood and can consequently lead to lymphoma, melanoma and blood cancer respectively.
To say cancerous simply means there are dead and harmful human cells that can cause death to healthy ones.
Conventional science, which is European, says there is no cure for cancer or AIDS.
For both diseases they use a chemical and thus acid-based treatment called chemo therapy.
Chemo therapy involves the killing of human cells, whether good or bad, with the hope of annihilating the harmful cells before the death of the individual.
This same treatment is given orally to AIDS patients and the ultimate result of using this radioactive poison as medicine is further loss of human cells and death.
This is why hair falls off and nails darken because the cells will be dying from the radioactive treatment.
Instead of returning the body to an alkaline state by ingesting herbs and eliminating the earlier mentioned acid-forming foods, western scientists would rather patent a poisonous pill which they admit is harmful and not a cure.
The side effects of both Anti-Retro Viral Medicine (ARV’s) and chemo therapy are AIDS defining symptoms that include muscle wasting. So why then do we violate our bodies with these poisons which, once we start taking, the doctors can estimate how much longer we can live.
The cause of disease is inflammation and the cause of inflammation is mucus.
The cause of mucus buildup is acidity.
Thus the ultimate answer or cure to disease is alkalising the body.
Herbs undergo carbon assimilation which is otherwise known as photosynthesis.
The human body is largely made up of carbon and thus herbs carry an affinity that allows them to effectively assimilate with the human body.
This is not so with chemical medicine which is acidic and thus violates the body.
Herbs are also electrical by virtue of their being alkaline.
All natural or God given herbs are alkaline.
If acidic like lemon, they will have an alkalising effect on the human body.
This literally gives life back to human cells.
A body harmoniously accepts what it is made out of and thus plant-based minerals are the key to recovering without negative side effects.
Even the Bible says the green herbs are for food and for the healing of mankind.
A lion eats meat and sleeps most of the day because it lacks energy.
The grazers chew cud but forage all day and embark on long distance seasonal migrations.
This proves that indeed the food which gives energy is the green herb, not secondary sources like animal-derived food. The strongest beasts, including the gorilla, elephant, hippo, rhino and elephant are strict grazers and this should be a sign for mankind to know where we are going wrong in terms of our diet.
By way of following the African bio-mineral electric cell balance, Dr Sebi cured every disease known to mankind since the mid 1980s.
AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, cancer, paralysis, blindness, impudence and so on, all have their cure in de acidifying or alkalising the body.
This is true for blacks and any other race because Dr Sebi cured people of different races.
He combined this with fasting for cleansing the cells by clearing the body’s organs of the accumulated mucus.
Cell cleansing and energy boosting herbs containing bromides, iodides, carbonates and phosphates, among other minerals like iron and calcium, would ensure that the body has all it needs to restore normal function.
One cannot maintain an acidic diet and truly expect a manmade pill to bring about the restoration that can be achieved by the above stated herbal-based treatment.
Not all plants are natural and that is why corn, potato and so on contain too much starch.
Other things like white rice and white flour are too processed and so it is a war of consciousness against food that can possibly weaken or kill us.
This entails study before consumption because more and more toxic things are being classified as food just because they are edible.
The black man and woman’s complete molecular bio-physical structure should hint at the fact that he or she needs to feed on foods with a complete molecular structure as well.
Thus opting for natural or God-given plants and herbs instead of hybrids and animal-derived foods is the key.
The opposite will affect the blacks more than other races because we are whole and can’t afford to lack vital minerals like iron without disfunctioning.
This is why blacks in the US are most prone to sickle cell anaemia for example.
Hybrid plants like broccoli and cauliflower have an incomplete molecular structure and the latter lacks carbon.
These cannot be classified as good food though they are plant derived because they will not be as alkaline as natural ones.
Besides eating, there are other ways of interacting with the environment in a way that benefits the body.
Sun-bathing is very important for the body to acquire energy for warmth and other biophysical processes.
For example, if one consumes food with calcium, he will still need Vitamin D from the sun to let that mineral effectively assimilate with the body.
Intangible things such as music sound waves at the right beats per minute can cause relaxation and lead to meditation, creativity, dance or exercise.
Exercise in the form of aerobic and resistance training also benefits the body.
It accelerates the removal of toxins and waste through the exocrene glands by way of sweating.
Aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and resistance training like calisthenics and weight training strengthens the bones and muscles.
This is a way of preventing osteoporosis or bone weakness which takes place as people age.
All these help the body in keeping healthy and need to be sufficiently present in a human being’s life.
In conclusion, when interacting with the environment, know that nowadays not all things are natural and that which is considered edible is not necessarily good for our bodies.
Watch what you eat or what you eat will kill you.


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