‘Israelites were black’


EDEN, the land of origin of mankind and all life, according to the Bible, is in Africa.

Archeologists and historians call Africa ‘the cradle of mankind, civilisation, religion and culture’. 

Geneticists have traced the first and earliest people and found them to be Bushmen from East Africa.

Modern scientists have appropriately named the paternal genetic marker of Bushmen such as the Khoi and San Y-DNA A or Adam.

Later groups belong to haplotypes Y-DNA B, C, D and so on.

Science confirms what African oral history and Genesis hypothesised – that the first people were made of soil and assumed an earthy skin colour found in blacks.

The name ‘Adam’ which means ‘mankind’ was derived from ‘adama’ which is Hebrew for soil.

Similarly, the word ‘dema’ means ‘dark’ or ‘black’ in Shona and Zimbabweans, like ancient Hebrew people, call themselves children of the soil (vana vevhu).

Worldwide, Africa is called the motherland and thus logically, there is no doubt that the Israelites were black like all other ancient people. 

Rather, the question is who in scripture was other than black.

From Adam to Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac then Jacob, we find no change in race. 

Thus their descendants were soil-coloured (adamic) . 

They lived for 430 years and multiplied from 70 to 600 000 people in Egypt before finally settling in neighbouring Canaan in the time of Moses and Joshua.

The Bible is riddled with evidence of blackness on the part of Israelites. 

Abraham prohibited his race from intermarrying with northern groups from Canaan to Syria and beyond.

This led Isaac and Jacob to marry from their close kinsmen. Besides this, Abraham conceived Ishmael by Hagar the Egyptian and upon coming of age, Ishmael too married an Egyptian. 

The prohibition of miscegenation was strictly followed by most Israelites. 

Making Egyptians an exception implies that Israelites saw no physical differences between them.

Moses was mistakenly called an Egyptian by the daughters of Jethro the Midian Ishmaelite. 

Jethro’s daughter Zipporah, Moses’ wife, was called an Ethiopian by Moses’ siblings.

This shows that Egyptians and Ethiopians were the same race with Israelites and Ishmaelites. 

Moses for instance, grew up in the house of Pharaoh. 

One of the signs he later showed the Israelites and Egyptians was his hand turning white, then returning to its original colour. 

Meaning that the skin colour of Israelites was anything but white, otherwise why would his hand turning white be even considered a miracle from God.

This association of Israelites with Egyptians continued to the time of Christ and beyond. 

Customarily, if trouble stirred up in Israel, be it war or famine, the Israelites, Christ included, would follow in the footsteps of their ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph and would flee to Egypt for succour. 

Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian upon which he had to defend himself and clarify that he was in fact an Israelite.

Turning white is depicted as a curse or plague in the Bible. 

It is called leprosy and is wholly defined in the book of Leviticus 13 as a skin-whitening (vitiligo) and skin-opening disease (melanoma). 

It is not the falling of limbs (maperembudzi) or small pox as often misconstrued by many. 

Canaanites were turned white owing to a plague that was put in that land by God.

Miriam was cursed and turned white for a week after she complained about Moses marrying an Ethiopian (Zipporah) as opposed to an Israelite.

Gehazi the servant of Elisha was cursed with whiteness for all generations because of his greed.

In the book which discusses about leprosy, Moses describes pure hair as black. 

If this hair turned yellow (blonde), it was a sign of leprosy on the scalp.

So we can establish that Israelites were neither white-skinned nor blonde-haired. 

Jacob had a twin brother Esau, who was birthed shortly before him. 

He was of a race that was peculiar to his kinsmen and ancestors who were soil-coloured (adamic).

His name was Esau and he was described as red and as hairy as a garment of goat fur. 

Enmity was foreseen and indeed grew between the two, yet the race of Jacob was described as physically stronger than that of Esau.

Jacob’s race was smooth, not hairy. 

Africans are the least hairy race on earth as they get their warmth from effectively absorbing the sun’s heat with their dark skin.

But lighter races have distinctively more androgenic (body) hair than blacks. 

The hairiest race on earth is that of southern Europeans such as Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese people. 

It is this race which since the Greco-Roman civilisation has spread around North Africa and Western Asia and whitened the original black Asiatic population through their migration and consequent miscegenation with locals.

Unsurprisingly, both Greeks and Romans (Idumeans) trace their ancestry in Amalek and Edom. 

Amalek was a son of Esau and Edom was the other name of Esau, which meant red.

Many of the Europeans who call themselves Jews today carry this phenotype which is not of Jacob, but his mutated brother Esau.

In ‘Numbers 6’, Nasserites were instructed to let their hair grow into dreadlocks. 

Dreadlocks are a typical African trait and naturally manifest if blacks keep their hair uncut and uncombed. 

Also, to Israelites, pure hair was typically wooly.

Other races do not have flat hair follicles and thus their hair does not curl and knot like that of blacks.

David was described as ruddy and Solomon as having black bushy hair locks. 

Their feet were the colour of brass burnt in a furnace and in times of famine, they would become black.

In the books of Zephaniah 3 and Isaiah 18, we find prophesies of the Son of Man or Messiah of the last days along with Israelites in Egypt (Africa); beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (Nile). 

This is southern Africa where the land is filled with rivers just as described therein.

This makes one wonder how a white-skinned, blonde-haired race located in Europe is being associated with Israel and Christ today. 

Western clerics and missionaries high-jacked the identity and legacy of the people of the east.

Ancient Egyptians are being depicted as whites as well. 

Irrefutable evidence in artefacts portraying both Israelites and Egyptians as blacks is ignored and so is scripture, science and common sense.

The Bible in Revelations 13 clearly states that the mark or number of mankind (Adam) is ‘666’.

Therefore 666 means 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons which is Carbon 12. 

People, animals and the soil are made of Carbon 12, so is over 92 percent of the earth and atmosphere we inhabit. 

This is why in the absence of light, everything, including the cosmos, is black.

Many wrongly assume that ‘666’ is evil and satanic because the individual spoken of in that chapter is a wicked ruler. 

However, the verse meant that this individual called the beast would be like the original man (black) as opposed to his masters who are described as red dragons (Edomites).

This means a black man would be serving a white or red people. 

Such has already happened in the case of Alexander of Greece and Barack Obama of the US. 

Both had African paternal ancestry, the former in Egypt and the latter in Kenya. 

Yet they wholeheartedly served and glorified white nations.

In the time of Isaac and Rebecca, the desire for race purity and the fear of race admixture was strongly eminent. 

They expressed immense displeasure and worry over Esau’s intermarriage with northerners, which further estranged his already peculiar race from that of his ancestors and kinsmen.

Their fear was retrospectively justified as many now find it surprising to find out that Israelites were, actually black and indistinguishable from the Egyptian (African).


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