‘It’s regime change they want, stupid!’


MANY Zimbabweans have been asking this question over and over again: Why have US dollars disappeared overnight in Zimbabwe when the country was awash with them only a year ago?
In short, it’s all about regime change.
In this article, we are going to answer the above question a little bit more after looking at how Western powers try to bring about regime change in a country such as ours.
And in the process, hopefully the above question will be clearly answered.
Intelligence experts in Africa and elsewhere tell us when Western powers want to bring about regime change, they begin by constructing rough pillars upon which the launchpad of the regime change project itself will be anchored.
Below we look at those pillars.
One of the first pillars they cunningly construct in a particular country is the setting up of their own institutions.
These institutions will take various forms, shapes and sizes.
They will also look very innocent at face value.
Media houses, churches, foundations, colleges, schools and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), among others, are some of the institutions.
Once established, the above institutions are given the role of being present-day biblical prophets who ‘predict’ the coming of a new Government.
Yes, they preach that the new Government will bring joy, harmony, wealth and prosperity.
Here is what the prophet Isaiah, whom they are taught to emulate, said about the coming of good times in the future.
“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light… For into us a child is born and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful… The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together…” (Isaiah 9.2,6 and 11.6-9).
The institutions are told to preach that the son Isaiah is talking about above is you rather than the new regime Western powers will help bring into power in the country concerned.
Yes, the institutions, such as the media in Zimbabwe, are instructed to preach day and night that ZANU PF is ‘darkness’ which is soon to end and people will see the light of the MDC-T, PDP, ZimPF and NPP, among others.
These are touted as going to bring about peace and prosperity as if there is none in Zimbabwe!
Yes, the ‘wolf shall dwell with the lamb’ in Zimbabwe once there is regime change, the institutions preach!
We want to make it abundantly clear that people should not be fooled to think the so-called private press were set up to promote freedom of expression, among other ‘rights’.
They were set up to promote regime change, for their daily message is straightforward – the present Government must go and a new ‘wonderful’ Government must take its place.
Then you have NGOs that are usually fronted and funded by the West.
They arrogantly tell our people that they are coming from the ‘all-powerful and rich’ Western nations hence ‘their word’ must be respected.
Their word!
That the present Government is bad and as they (NGOs) dish out aid, while advocating ‘good governance’, their message to the people is: ‘The present Government must go’.
And it is important to note that aid from these NGOs always comes with strings attached.
Yes, there must be regime change for so-called human rights, and good governance to reign in Zimbabwe.
Coming back to the question: Why are US dollars now scarce?
It’s important to note that Western powers undermine the economies of African countries so that people get angry with their own Government as is the case with Zimbabwe.
Zimbabweans will recall that when our economy was ‘dollarised’ in 2009, the country got flooded with US dollars.
From then on, up to last year, US dollars were quite plentiful in the country.
There was even a time when we boasted billions of US dollars in the informal sector.
Then a year ago, the US dollars vanished overnight.
In regime change politics, one of the strategies used by Western powers to undermine a Government they detest is to create havoc with its currency.
In our case, the creation of havoc has not been difficult because the US dollars are not ours in the first place.
And take note – it all has to do with exports.
Let’s go back to 2009 when we were flooded with US dollars. Were we exporting more to the world than now?
Which were those exports?
Show us so that we can compare them with those of today, and see whether they were more.
It is our submission that we are making more exports today from platinum, gold and chrome, among other resources, than in 2009.
And so the disappearance of the US dollar has more to do with the regime change project than the lack of exports. That’s my take.


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