Judaism, a false religion from Babylon


THE Roman Empire expanded and before long they had won over Babylon.
In 135 CE, the Romans conducted a mass migration of all the remaining inhabitants of Judea to Babylon, and the land of Judea became known as Palestine.
Because of the vices associated with the city, Babylon was called sin city for prostitution, homosexuality and bestiality.
The Pharisees blended this immorality with their corrupt religion of Judaism.
The black Judeans had fled to Africa and Arabia and the people that were now known to the Romans as Jews were the Pharisees and the other inhabitants of the land of Judea such as the Samaritans.
The Samaritans were known enemies of the original black Judeans, a phenomenon highlighted in some Christian songs which feature the message that MaSamaria nemaJudha, haambofa akadyidzana. The fact that the Pharisees maintained good relations with the Samaritans goes to show how far the Pharisees had rebelled against Judean tradition.
Many of the whites who call themselves Jews today are of the Samaritan stock.
The white people who today call themselves Jews, admit that the religion they call Judaism is not the same as the Biblical practice of the Israelites.
(Judaism came much later and the fake Jews confirm that it is just over 2 000 years old).
The Pharisees, who as earlier indicated, started the religion, claim that theirs is not based on the Mosaic Law, but on some law allegedly received by 70 elders known as the Sanhedren who were not allowed to ascend the mountain, but received the law on the base of the mountain.
This is all clear blasphemy, and yet this is what Judaism is based on falsified history.
By 140 CE, Babylon had become the state of the fake Jews and they went on to live there for another 1 000 years.
It was in Babylon that the fake Jews codified their fake oral tradition and produced a book that is known as the Babylonian Talmud.
To the followers of Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud is their second most important book after the Torah of Moses.
However, as we shall soon find out, the whites who call themselves Jews have forsaken many of the laws of the Torah in favour of the Talmud.
We shall point out some of the outrageous contents of the Talmud so as to make the distinction between Judaism and the true practice of the original (black) Israelites.
The Israelite beliefs were centred on the coming of a Messiah among their people, who would redeem them from sin and oppression and thus the likes of David and Yahshua were important figures in their faith.
On the contrary, the whites who call themselves Jews deny Yahshua (Jesus) and depict him as an enemy of Judaism in many of the Talmudic writings.
They also do not accept the New Testament because it depicts the Pharisees as heathens and discredits them as false priests who had a hand in the killing of Yahshua and many other prophets.
The Bible forbids any and all forms of sexual immorality, but the Talmud makes several provisions for it.
In the Talmud, a Jew is not liable for prosecution for having sex with a minor or the wife of a gentile. This was probably due to the Roman and Babylonian perversion and immorality as highlighted in earlier series.
The Talmud also allows Jews to marry girls who are under the age of three and to sleep with them.
It is written that having sex with a proselyte (infant) under the age of three is permitted because the virginity of the child would return to her.
The Talmud also encourages the rape and seduction of unwed adolescent girls who they call designated bondmaids.
In this case, the Talmud says; “With the designated bondmaid, one is guilty only in the case of natural connection and not perverse connection.”
The Talmud also permits sodomy with young boys and stresses this saying that, “intercourse with a small boy is not considered a sexual act”.
The Talmud also depicts gentiles as less than animals.
While most of the so-called Jews were not themselves true Israelites by blood, and were in fact gentiles, they pretend to be the descendants of Jacob, and thus their criterion of ‘gentiles’ was biased from the very beginning.
In the Bible, the Israelites are told to live harmoniously with the gentiles, and to always remember that they were once strangers themselves in Egypt.
The only condition is that the gentiles that live in the land of Israel are to adhere to the laws of Israel.
This is the truth behind Judaism.
It was founded in Babylon and is not the way of the biblical Israelites.
Israel, like most Africans had a patriarchal system, and they remembered their lineages through their forefathers.
However, the white people who call themselves Jews today have a matriarchal system and remember their lineages through their foremothers.
Judaism also makes use of a symbol that they refer to as the ‘Star of David’, but there is nowhere in the Bible where a star is used as a symbol for Israel, Judah or David.
It is, clearly, all pagan philosophy.
According to the Bible, all the tribes of Israel, except a remnant of Judah, would have lost their identity and they would be in the hands of their enemies; the Canaanites, Amalekites and Edomites. This is why they looked to a Messiah of their own kind to redeem them from sin and ignorance.
The remnant of Judah which would not have lost its identity would be in Egypt (Africa).
Isaiah the prophet specifies in Isaiah 18, that the Great King would be in a land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.
The land will be a land divided by rivers and in it will be a monument to serve as evidence of the Lord.
The land described above could as well be Zimbabwe where there is a remnant of Israel called VaRemba.
The VaRemba people have retained a culture closest to the culture of Israel.
The VaRemba traditional and cultural practices are far from being religious in the same way the black Judeans did not have a religion, but had a relationship with their God.
They are apparently the last remnant of Israel which follows the true way of Israel.
The fake Jews have in the last few years been making trips to Mberengwa to do DNA tests on the VaRemba with a view to confirming a genetic relationship with the descendants of Israel.
Although the DNA tests appear to have established a strong connection, it is the objective of the fake Jews which appears undesirable.
Their main thrust appears to be to introduce and spread the religion of Judaism among the VaRemba. In this respect, synagogues are being built in the VaRemba chieftaincy of Mposi.
Where synagogues have not yet been built, church gatherings are held in classrooms.
Converts to Judaism are being offered scholarships.
Teams of medical doctors fan out through the area to offer treatment to the sick.
Cows are slaughtered at special functions so as to attract attendance.
A few years before the fake Jews arrived, the Arabs came and engaged in similar activities aimed at making the VaRemba believe that they have a religious connection with them.
Because of the Arab and Jewish influences it is not uncommon now to find some of the VaRemba donning Arab kafias and Jewish skull caps on their heads.
Arabic names are now very common among the VaRemba, a phenomenon which started only after independence.
In a worrying manner the VaRemba have been disturbingly infiltrated.
The result of these foreign influences is likely to be the death of the true and original Remba culture which they have fought so hard to preserve for centuries.
Efforts to introduce Judaism among the Lemba people of South Africa and the Falasha (Beta Israel) of Ethiopia appear to have succeeded.
Already there are some Falasha and Lemba people who are being sent to Jerusalem.
Some join the Israeli army and some use the pagan symbol which they call the ‘Star of David’.
Some wear Jewish scuffs and skull caps and go to synagogues.
More importantly, one wonders how the Zimbabwean authorities allow a group of white Americans to roam free in a remote rural area at a time when the country is fighting a white-backed regime change agenda.


  1. I absolutely agree that the Jews are not Israelites but one thing we differ on is this. All abrahamic cults are innately evil. The being behind them as a son of El in cannan. Read the sept 300BC.

    When the most high divided the nation’s according to the Elohim (groups plural like anakim or seraphim) Yahwehs allotted INHERITANCE was Jacob. Now in Canaan he was called many names of which YHW (yehaw) was one. He tried to overthrow Elyon there. In the Bible he inherited a guy who’s name means supplantor. Now look at this

    Jacob – Isaac – Ab – Ra – Ham

    In Hebrew that can read “supplantor – he will laugh – father (of) – the evil – multitude.

    You say the Torah prohibited any sexual perversion but that is out one side of its face. In deut they were allowed to “marry women under compulsion” thats just kidnap and rape. In numbers they kidnapped virgins. In another story they stole 200 virgins of one of their tribes to give to Benjamin saying “we slaughtered jibaesh Gilead but we didn’t have enough virgins”

    Bro the eternal moral order is our modes of interacting with manifestation and the abrahamic religions aren’t it. They can’t even list ten virtues next to their near AND far enemy vices. They don’t know the 11 principles they all revolve around.

    Honestly… Yehaw was the god of chaos in Canaan. This entity makes false religions then gets them to fight and creates nothing but drama.


    • “Son, I am dissapoint.” It is obvious you haven’t spent time in the Hebrew Torah. Please take a look at the God Culture YouTube channel and http://www.thegodculture.com website and you will learn what you must unlearn about the Holy Scriptures and the true history written therein. The ones who create false religion and wage wars are the Babylonian Pharisees, the current inhabitants of the State of Israel – usurpers. The god of the Bible is not “Yehaw”, but rather YAHUAH, or YHWH. The truth will blow your mind and set you free.


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