Kalanga card won’t work


THE attempt by the regime change agents to use the tribal card with the hope of achieving their goal has always proved to be a failure.
There is the danger of being misled into believing that the end of colonial rule meant the end of the divide-and-rule tactics of which our colonial masters were experts.
Our own black brothers and sisters, who have been mentally colonised to the extent that they don’t identify with their own people, remain willing tools of our colonisers from the West.
The tragedy, however, is that like our yesteryear enemy, they go to any length to please their colonial masters.
Take the case of the recent pre-independence historical fact referred to by President Mugabe about the Kalangas going to South Africa.
Out of ignorance or mischief there has been a hysterical outcry especially by some sections of the media referring to Kalangas as Ndebeles.
But then Kalangas are not Ndebeles.
For the sake of seeking entry into the regime change agenda through a soft spot they have decided to call Kalangas Ndebele.
Elsewhere in this edition there is a detailed account of how originally the Kalangas were the dominant Shona group between Botswana and Mozambique.
Some of the Kalangas moved west towards present day Plumtree and were later assimilated into the Ndebele State.
With time the assimilated Shonas identified by animals or animal body parts opted for pseudo Ndebele names out of animal totems.
The same fate befell the BaTonga.
The BaTonga were assimilated by King Mzilikazi into the Ndebele class system.
Some of the BaTonga, like the Kalanga, later opted for Ndebele animal totems as their names.
Today people with names like Ndlovu, Nkomo, Sibanda, Ncube, Ngwenya etc are Shonas of either Kalanga or BaTonga origin.
The Shonas who remained behind around the Great Zimbabwe area had to change the ‘L’ in their name to ‘R’ because of the Portuguese influence.
Thus to this day, they are still called Karanga.
So basically there is no difference between the Shonas referred to as Kalanga and Karanga.
These are just as good as Shona like the BaTonga.
Thus the noise by these regime change agents and their mouthpieces, lying that Kalangas are Ndebeles is a result of pure ignorance or mischief.
This has always been in line with their tactics.
What is disgusting, however, is that the tribal or religious card is always used to whip up emotions.
The instigators are usually unconcerned about the consequences that follow for to them loss of human life or damage to property miles away from their homes means nothing to them.
But in Zimbabwe they won’t succeed.
Zimbabweans are very aware of the denial of education by the colonial regimes, forcing those who crossed into South Africa to go there uneducated.
However, the people know what they have gained as a result of independence.
And Zimbabweans have shown over the years since independence that attempts to divide them on tribal lines are likely to fall.
The Unity Accord of 1987, after our colonial enemies tried to initiate tribal war was a shattering blow to those who wanted to use tribe as a tool to divide the nation.
We know civil society organisations are massed in Matabeleland in a desperate attempt to activate the tribal button.
This to the extent of quoting the President out of context and lying that Kalangas are Ndebeles.
Ndebeles are not that gullible.
The July 31 2013 harmonised election results are a clear evidence of what happens to political parties that bank on the tribal card.
ZANU PF swept clean all the Assembly seats in Matabeleland South, while Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa came out empty handed. The Kalangas are Shona!


  1. It is interesting to note how much you are in a hurry to label the Kalanga as being Shona. If this were true in present day Zimbabwe , why then did Gukurahundi not discriminate between those you call Shona and the actual Ndebele. The reality is that those Kalangas in Matebeleland have long assimolated into the Ndebele system and vixe versa. There is more in common between the Ndebele and Kalanga than Kalanga and Karanga today. History and time are dynamic factors. The Kalangas of today are victims of Gukurahundi ,and thus abbhor and detaste anytging that is Shona. Take it from me, I am a Sibanda. As for the votes , you mentality is warped inthat you fail to recognise that the voting pattern in Matebeleland has never supported Zanu PF with the exceptipn of the rigged result we all know. It is absurd if not stupid for you to think that this region will evevr ever vofe Zanu PF because of your imagined Shona lineage. That time will never come. Forget the Ndebele, stand amongst the Kalanga , Tonga, Venda , Nambya of Matland ,and call them Shona. If you still have your life after that ,you can show it to me.


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