Keeping the environment free of litter


PROUDLY Zimbabwean Foundation will this year cover 1 000 kilometres (km) as it seeks to increase awareness on the suitable methods of disposing of waste and keeping the environment free of litter.
The foundation said that its five-year ‘BIN-it Zimbabwe programme’, which is in its second year, was set to grow.
The ‘BIN-it’ concept was launched in 2011 to improve solid waste management and eradicate litter across the country.
Addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare recently, the chairman of the foundation, Joseph Kanyekanye, said the foundation was taking the BIN-it campaign to a higher level.
“This year, we would like to take BIN-it Zimbabwe programme to another level as we move into the second year of this five-year programme,” said Kanyekanye.
“We will walk 1 000 km passing through all five major Central Business Districts (CBDs) of the country as we seek to ignite solution oriented debate along the solid waste management system in Zimbabwe.
“We would like to see debate at individual level, corporate, council and political levels across the country.
“For a country with our literacy levels, the litter around us is highly unacceptable.
“Litter is a personal responsibility.
“We make the choice to make our country dirty.
“We can easily choose to keep our country clean.”
Kanyekanye added that there were several programmes scheduled by Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation to raise awareness on good waste management practices.
“We will conduct various awareness events throughout the walk in every city,” he said.
“We will distribute domestic and vehicle litter bins as well as interact with various councils with a view towards improving waste collection systems.
“Most importantly, we want to impact the person in the street and stop litter at an individual level.
“We are therefore imploring all media to lead the charge in this debate. “The story will not be complete if the media takes a backseat in this national character building issue.
“Last year saw us achieving a major milestone of installing 318 bins in the City of Harare and improving bin coverage in the city per kilometre from 25 percent to 87 percent.
“We did this with the help of Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate, Environmental Management Agency, Environment Africa, Miracle Missions, With Love Foundation and the corporate community.”
Speaking during the same event, Harry Makowa, a representative from the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry said the ministry will assist in the efforts to rid the country of litter.
“We as the Ministry of Tourism are proud to be partnering Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation under their BIN-it Zimbabwe programme in this 1 000 km Green Walkathon Event,” Makowa said.
“Through this inaugural and ground-breaking event, we would like to see litter disappearing from the sides of highways across the country. “We call on every motor vehicle; light or heavy duty, to have a plastic litter bin for all refuse.
“We also hope this event and its focus will lead to improved personal hygiene across the country.
“Tourism is one of our key industries and foreign income earners in this country.
“Let us all improve our environment and personal hygiene so that our visitors take away great stories of this amazing and beautiful country.”


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