Let us come together


FOR those who care to see, to listen, to feel the pulse of our nation, there is every reason to celebrate.
We are a fired-up nation.
Not so long ago, we were complaining about selfishness, gluttony, indiscipline, unmitigated greed, bad practices, brazen abuse of toiling consumers, senseless and blatant disregard of people’s health.
But on the eve of our 38th Independence anniversay, we are a fired-up people.
All around is a positive vibe.
We are a people relentlessly focused on transforming our fortunes as a nation.
The initiatives being taken by our leaders are inspiring.
They are shaping our national agenda in the most convincing manner, telling the rest of the world our story rather than waiting for others to shape our narrative — and its bearing fruit.
Our sons and daughters of the soil, engaged in business, know exactly what they want and where they are headed; the dreams and hopes of the nation are safe in their hands.
Our recent sourjourn to the East truly has us excited.
Isn’t it in that country, China, where we find the city of Yiwu in Zhejiang Province.
The city is now recognised as the largest small-commodities market in the world. Indeed it is an example of how hard work, determination and willpower can transform a community, a nation.
We shall not tire of reminding ourselves that it is none but ourselves who will grow our economy.
Outsiders can only come to join us, to partner us and contribute to the growth of what we have started; what we are developing.
We hope the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement will expedite the applications of those many youths who have applied for land to venture into farming.
What did our detractors say about our Land Reform and Resettlement Programme?
It has been our fervent prayer and call that we have youths who will protect and value this all-important heritage — land.
On the eve of the 38th anniversary, we are not a despondent people.
Prophets of doom and charlatarns may scream all they want, but we are on the right path and we will not be deviating from it until our aspirations and dreams come to fruition.
We cannot afford to blame anyone for our state of affairs; we cannot point fingures — not any more.
This is a good time for self-introspection.
Unfolding in our country is a beautiful and enthralling story.
We are in the process of making history.
We must celebrate – everyday if need be. It is very sad when foreigners come and are surprised why we are forever complaining when there is so much to celebrate and be proud of.
Let us all unite to do away with that hand that deliberately steers us towards the dark; that does not want us to see anything positive in our beloved country.
Let us remain vigilant and thwart the efforts of those in our midst orchestrating evil meant to destroy what we are building.
We are not naïve, we know the enemy has not given up but our message is that we shall not be caught napping.
As we celebrate our 38th Independence anniversary, let us remember that it is by uniting and coming together that we will sustainably develop.
What has been achieved by nations like China and India, we too can achieve – but only if we are united and not pulling in different directions.


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