Let us forge ahead


THE numbers that trooped to the National Sports Stadium in the early morning hours of Independence Day were a bold statement — encouraging and inspiring.
It was a statement that spoke volumes; and will have many of us sleeping easy.
Nothing is more important than the love for one’s country.
And on our 38th Independence Anniversary, this love was displayed in a manner that our enemies will have to think twice before making careless statements about who we are.
Africans have been described as fickle minded, people ready to sell their birthright for 30 pieces of silver but Zimbabweans continue to prove to the world they will neither be bullied nor used for the ends of other nations.
Most pleasing was that the crowd at the celebrations was composed of all age groups and for the first time, cut across the political divide.
The young and old came out to celebrate this all important day.
But besides the celebrating, critical is putting our hands to the plough and not look back or slacken.
All of us have a responsibility to the motherland; we need to commit to hard work.
It saddens me when among us are elements who behave like mercenaries.
When we are called to dialogue to resolve differences, is it not best to do so rather than than hold each other to ransom.
Good times will come; our fortunes will transform but again, I stress the point that Rome was not built in a day.
The impatience exhibited by some members of our society is counterproductive.
We all have rights but none has rights greater than others.
Every one is working hard and vigorously pursuing the economic revival agenda.
Those tasked to get the various elements of the country working again are not sitting on their laurels.
But how can they deliver and succeed when at every turn the impossible is demanded of them.
Should we not give them the opportunity to work.
Success at transforming our fortunes as a nation calls for everyone’s participation.
Iwe neni tine basa/mina lawe silomsebenzi.
So when we abdicate our stations and responsibilities, who will man them?
How will the machinery move when one of its parts ceases to function?
The onus to get our country working at optimum is on us, the masses.
Let us own and drive the development agenda.
Let us unite as a people and like the numbers we witnessed at Independence Day celebrations, come together.
We must not shy from duty and our obligations.
All we do must be for the motherland.
All we do must be to protect our heritage.
All we do must be for future generations.
Let us remind ourselves, always, that the fate of our country will be decided by us and no one else.
It will not be, it will never be outsiders; people from elsewhere, who will decide the trajectory of the country.
Let us march on, confident in our capabilities.
Let us boldly and fiercely tell our story.
The time of lamentations is over.
Let us forge ahead, confident in our capabilities.


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