‘Let us remain focused’


“Tinofa tichienda kuZimbabwe, kudzamara tasvika Zimbabwe,” so goes the song freedom fighters used to sing to keep themselves focused on the goal to liberate the country during the liberation struggle.
True to the words of the song, thousands perished, but those who remained did not lose sight and in 1980, Zimbabwe attained its independence.
Today, Zimbabweans join hands in celebrating 34 years of self-rule.
As the country continues to enjoy the fruits of the sacrifice of the sons and daughters of the soil, Zimbabweans have remained steadfast in protecting the gains of independence, particularly from the West and its allies.
The Patriot went into the streets to find out what Zimbabweans had to say ahead of this year’s commemorations on April 18.
Gumisiro Dhliwayo, (Chipinge): “As a Zimbabwean and a freedom fighter, I would like to remind my fellow Zimbabweans that as we celebrate, let us not forget the sacrifice made by thousands who participated in the liberation struggle.
“We should always remember that many were brave enough to take up arms against the whiteman to ensure that future generations enjoy living in a free Zimbabwe.
“As we celebrate 34 years of independence, let us not forget the values and principles that guided the liberation struggle.
“Let us not forget we ought to remain united, respecting one another and we must have love.
“If we are divided, the enemy has a chance to come and re-colonise us so let us be wary.
“Tikasabatana nyika inotsvedza, uye tikadaro tinenge tatadzira vana vazhinji vamwe varere mumasango vakafira kusunungura Zimbabwe.
“As we enjoy the peace and fruits of independence such as our land and its minerals, let us not forget that some lost their lives so that we can enjoy these things.”
Maggie Chakanetsa (Mufakose, Harare): “I would like to congratulate Zimbabweans for being able to safeguard our independence over the past 34 years.
“As we celebrate let us remain focused on maintaining the peace.
“As a Zimbabwean, I am proud that during the last 34 years the environment in our country has remained peaceful.
“Every day the media is awash with news from other African countries that are at war and this pains me, but I am grateful as Zimbabweans we have avoided efforts by the West to push us to fight one another.
“It is my hope that we maintain the peaceful environment that will help us develop our country and make it a safe place for the coming generations.”
Alfred Chiropa, (Eastlea, Harare): “As a young Zimbabwean, I am happy to join the country in celebrating 34 years of independence.
“I was not yet born during the liberation struggle, but the stories shared by those who participated in it has made me realise I should be grateful for what they did.
“It is not easy to leave behind your family, give up your dreams and go and participate in a war you are not certain you will come back alive.
“For all the selfless sacrifice exhibited by the freedom fighters, we salute them.
“Every Zimbabwean should feel indebted to those who participated in the liberation struggle.
“We will never be able to replace their ‘youth’ days for some and others early adulthood life they spent in the bushes fighting the enemy.
“It is now our duty as youths to ensure that we safeguard the independence and we continue to enjoy what we now have.”
Maidei Malakula, (Hatfield, Harare): “Makorokoto makuru kumhuri yeZimbabwe.
“We celebrate the day we were liberated as we continue to enjoy a peaceful environment.
“Zimbabweans should unite regardless of their political affiliation and celebrate together.
“We are forever thankful to those who participated in the liberation struggle.
“We owe it to them to remain united and protect our sovereignty.
“This year, the celebrations come at a time when Government has made efforts to ensure Zimbabweans play a pivotal role in key economic sectors.”


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