Let’s all find the Tuku in us


NHAI Mwari seiko?

The question — that poignant question — has been throbbing in our hearts since January 23 2019.

We did not cry for Tuku.

We celebrated his life.

We cherished his works.

We will continue to do so.

That is what heroes bring to the table.

This is the impact they make in our lives.

This is what Oliver Mtukudzi brought to Zimbabwe and to the world.

He put the country under global spotlight — for the right reasons.

I hope every Zimbabwean emulates that glowing gesture and becomes an ambassador of our great nation.

Our country has suffered so much at the hands of those who have taken it upon themselves to paint it with the colour of darkness, to make it look ugly and inhabitable in the eyes of the world.

The enemies are not relenting.

They fervently pushing the anti-Zimbabwe and regime change agenda; doing the bidding of their Western masters.

We have to be wary.

We have to be on the lookout.

We have to keep our eyes and ears open.

We have to defend our country.

We have to protect it at all costs.

This is what the great Tuku did.

He carried the burden of lifting his country’s flag high, even in its times of adversity.

His music told the real and true Zimbabwean story.

He brought to the fore the beautiful narrative of the beauty of Zimbabwe.

Because of him, everyone turned their attention on Zimbabwe.

And with that, he got the befitting honour of National Hero status, the first musician in the country’s history to be accorded that honour.

We demand heroes from all our spheres.

Let us have more Tukus.

In agriculture, in the medical field, in all our socio-economic sectors let us have individuals ready to serve the motherland.

Zimbabwe needs every Zimbabwean to serve it.

Zimbabwe will not be built by outsiders; they can only come and assist.

We require men and women, boys and girls in the mould of Tuku. 

Every individual or organisation who have taken it upon themselves to demonise the country must take stock of their actions.

The same goes for politicians and activists who are currently destroying the country and damaging its property.

We want peace in the country.

We want unity in the country. 

We want development in the country.

We want youths who love their country, youths who have a vision for our great nation.

Mtukudzi was once a vibrant youth who spoke out against the injustices of colonialism through his music.

He did not sell his soul for a few pieces of silver. 

We need to embrace the ideas and ideals of Tuku which promoted prosperity.

At every turn, he wanted Zimbabwe to move ahead as a country and as one people bound by love and driven by the ideals of development.

We need to give maximum respect to those who are trying to steer our economy towards development.

We need to give our globally renowned peace tag the prominence that it deserves.

Tuku gave that tag meaning.

He took it across the globe and made it the hallmark of our founding principles as a nation.

Tuku taught and spread that message, not only to Zimbabweans but the rest of world.

He preached unity, peace and development.

He preached tolerance.

In him we mourn a legend, as indeed we celebrate a hero!


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