Let’s be innovative and stop whining


EDITOR — DUE to a myriad of challenges bedevilling our country, challenges wrought by Western imposed sanctions our service delivery, naturally, has been affected.
Continued power outages can become a thing of the past if we choose to act and stop whining, it is time that we become innovative and come up with lasting solutions that are home grown.
We have a lot of sunshine in the country, adequate wind to generate power and a lot of biological materials that can be turned into biomass.
We boast of high literacy levels and have brilliant scientists, it is time that these people are supported and given funds to come up with permanent solutions to our power crisis.
We can harness solar energy from the abundant sunshine that we have and power the country.
Solar energy has become the major source of power all over the world, in countries that have very little sunshine.
We can do better.
It is time we stop complaining and become innovative and not wait for other people to bring us solutions.
Lack of innovation is what has put Africans in perpetual bondage.
The dependence syndrome cripples and destroys all initiative, before we go begging for assistance and freebies, we must first find out what we can do to alleviate our problems.
It is a lie perpetuated by the West that Africans are not capable or are too poor and thus cannot find lasting solutions without whites.
The Chinese and Arabs have found home grown solutions to their problems which have made them masters of their destiny.

Tapfuma Virimai


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