Let’s continue to forge ahead


WE celebrate another milestone in the glowing history of our beloved country – Independence Day . 

We continue to celebrate, as a nation, bound by that history. 

We continue to forge ahead, as a people, bound by our country’s vision for a better tomorrow

We have taken another giant step towards the future. 

We thronged various centres, reminiscing as a people on the journey that we have taken thus far and the road ahead.

We do not forget our past – that painful past where we took the enemy head-on. 

The enemy is still trying to negate that critical chunk of our history. 

The enemy is still trying to create new narratives for our country

The enemy is relentless and determined. 

It is focused, but as has always been the case, the people of Zimbabwe will emerge victorious from all the adversity.

Zimbabweans will conquer and they will, as they are doing now, come together to develop their beloved country

When it comes to our land, we not only defend it, we use our energy and might to produce a decent and sustainable livelihood for everyone

We use our willpower not only to defend our land but to make it productive

This is us. 

We are Zimbabweans! 

We are the people!

Even when economic sanctions are imposed on us, we stand tall, fending them off as a people who are driven by love for their country. 

Those sanctions are meant to weaken our resolve, to turn us against each other and to make us see the West as our saviours.  

But we are our own masters, firmly in charge of our destiny and we are in full control of our land and resources.

Even when we are threatened with more sanctions, we will counter them through our valiant efforts on our farms, in ourmines and in our businesses. 

We will draw inspiration from the liberation struggle and shake off whatever effect those sanctions are supposed to be having on our people

Our history and our future are firmly anchored on the above mentioned values and virtues. 

This is what should bring us together. 

Inciting the masses through what is happening in some sectors of the economy will not work. 

Wanton and unjustified price hikes are intended to make the masses turn against the Government. 

They are designed to make this country ungovernable and to expunge the goodwill we have been receiving as country thus far. 

Zimbabwe has emerged from politics of hate and antagonism. It is now on the pedestal of tolerance and unity. 

We have emerged as a country from fractured relations with other nations.

Yet all that must be anchored on relations of mutual respect. The democracy and freedoms we are enjoying must never be seen as signs of weakness by the leadership. 

They are in fact an epitome of tolerance.

Let us honour our heroes and heroines by coming together so we can build this country as one people

Let us honour these departed brave sons and daughters of the soil by working for the good of our country.

Let us honour them by putting our country and its interest first. 

Indeed we may be diverse but we are one!


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