Let’s educate our children on our heroes


EDITOR — DURING a discussion with my teenager nephew last week, I was saddened to find out that she could not tell me who Chairman Herbert Wiltshire Pfumaindini Chitepo was.
In my mistaken belief that it was only Chairman Chitepo she did not know about, I further asked her if she had heard of Josiah Magama Tongogara.
I was stunned again. She did not know this great fighter and commander of the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe. What a pity.
I then asked her about Joseph Stalin.
There was a glow on her face that shamelessly defied her shocking ignorance about our own heroes.
I asked myself a question that has troubled me since that discussion with my nephew.
When we said we were changing our curriculum, did we forget about our liberation struggle, our history and our heroes, or it has been incorporated?
If my nephew is blank on Chairman Chitepo and Commander Tongogara, will she know anything about Munhumutapa?
Will she know anything about our pre-colonial history and how it shaped us to be the people we are now?
Where are we going as a country if our children do not know anything about their past?
I believe there should be orientation on our history, especially in the month of August.
This month is very critical in the history of our country.
This is the month when our heroes are remembered and honoured for their bravery and exploits in the liberation struggle.
This is what our education should be inculcating in the minds of these youngsters.
My fear is that we might have a generation that is lost and clueless about its past and one which will aimlessly wander into the future.
Let us do something about this before it’s too late.

Cde Tito,


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