Let’s not betray heroes


THE Heroes’ Day celebrations on Monday should again remind us how sacrosanct it is to safeguard our God-given natural resources in honour of the thousands who shed their blood to liberate this country from colonial bondage.
The one-person-one-vote, a key component in the liberation package, which comes at five-year intervals, offers us the opportunity to make sure this is guaranteed.
However, this is seen as a loophole, ideal for manipulation by our former colonisers.
Let’s not be fooled when the West shows concern over our country with the purported aim of promoting ‘human rights and the rule of law.’
For how can their ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan be expected to genuinely put the welfare of black Zimbabweans at heart.
The US can only be great again through the exploitation of our natural resources.
And this can only be possible with the installation of a puppet regime of their liking.
Our polemics with the various versions of the MDC is exactly because of that.
It is common knowledge that the MDC is a construct of Western capital designed mainly to wrest power from a former liberation movement.
This explains why MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa was forthright in his declaration that he would be the next president irrespective of the election result.
He had one vital tool in his arsenal – violence.
In the event of losing the elections, he would make the country ‘ungovernable’, he publicly declared without mincing his words.
Of course this is in line with the ‘scorched earth policy’ regime change advocates often resort to.
This entails inviting foreign intervention after creating such a chaotic situation rendering the country ungovernable.
This would inevitably nullify the advantage of the party that would have won.
Looking at the present Zimbabwean situation, it is worth noting that Chamisa is not plucking his strategy out of the blue.
A template already exists.
An attempt to justify the mutating of an electoral process to insurrectionary politics is very clear.
It started with sanctions invited and supported by the MDC, which were meant to make the economy ‘scream’ and eventually alienate people from the former liberation movement in protest.
The joint prediction of rigging by MDC Alliance, civil society and sections of the media were all part of a well-orchestrated plan to emasculate ZANU PF by hook or by crook. This included illegal premature announcement of an MDC Alliance victory by Tendai Biti and Chamisa.
With defeat certain, the next stage was to take the battle to the streets as we witnessed last week when MDC hoodlums went on an orgy of destruction.
We are also aware that the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), a bosom ally of Chamisa’s MDC, is already planning 11 days of terror in a vain bid to have their favourite declared the winner of the presidential ballot.
All these are machinations meant to remove ZANU PF from power and replace it with a surrogate of Western imperialism.
Thank heavens, we preserved our sovereignty in the just-ended plebiscite!
Let this Heroes’ Day, like others before it, remain a constant silent reminder of the ethos we have inherited from our fallen heroes and heroines.
Let’s also be cautious on our roads.
Don’t drink and drive and remember speed thrills but kills!
Happy holidays!


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