‘Let’s not stoop so low’


EDITOR – NO one is bigger than Zimbabwe. 

Political bickering, posturing and grandstanding will only worsen our already precarious situation at the expense of economic growth and real progress. 

The majority of our people are no more ‘living’ but just existing, barely making ends meet. 

Is it the Zimbabwe we want? 

Why not find each other, sit down and talk constructively to unify the people and revive the fledging economy? 

Poverty knows no tribe, high prices are apolitical and fuel shortages are tormenting all, relatives and friends. 

If one may ask, is it about the people, for the people or its about power? 

Forget about ‘V11’ this and ‘fulcrum’ that and think about the people who are suffering. 

Stomach issues are now louder than politics or who is who in the power matrix. 

Twimbos, netzens and other social media gossipers are rubbing salt on the wounds by vending lies. 

Falsehoods packaged nicely and broadcast as the gospel truth. 

A whole person hunched over a laptop to create a ‘lies chat’ announcing a ghost shop at 80 Samora Machel Avenue that is selling basic commodities at ‘ZUPCO’ prices, what hogwash? 

Are we still a ‘people’ to stoop so low, to act rogue and behave like one? 

The same cyber criminal forgets that his friends and relatives were also misled by the same sick fibs leaving them worse off in depression and lie-induced stress. 

Please give our people rest. 

Thomas Murisa 



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