POLITICS has become the biggest tragedy confronting our country.

Or rather its toxicity.

We now politicise everything.

Everywhere one goes, it’s politics. Whichever direction one looks, it’s politics.

Whatever conversation one has, it’s politics. 

That is not good for a country that is trying, frantically, to extricate itself from a pervasive economic malaise.

A country that is fervently trying to break the chains of illegal sanctions.

A country that is pursuing an economic development trajectory.

A country that is putting the economy ahead of all other issues.

Ours has become a nation of politics for very obvious reasons. Time and again we have mentioned that issue in this publication.

There are some, many in fact, who survive through what they call ‘crisis’ in Zimbabwe.

They drool over ‘riches’ accrued from a struggling Zimbabwean economy.

They fill their pockets through tarnishing the good name of this our great country.

They survive through lobbying for the maintenance of the illegal economic sanctions on the country. 

They write false reports to their handlers, all for a few pieces of silver and gold.

A few pieces of silver and gold which only benefit them at the expense of the majority.

A few pieces of silver and gold that work to suffocate the country. 

But this is Zimbabwe, a country of the brave.

We are Zimbabwe, a country that has successfully navigated its way through adversity.

A country that has stood defiantly and studiously against all odds.

We have fought tooth and nail to defend our land and protect our territorial integrity.

We will continue to do so.

We will defend our land and all that is in its belly and on the surface.

We will harness both from the belly and from the surface what our land has in store for us, its rightful owners.

Which is why some of us find it disturbing when workers, for all their toil, for all their blood and sweat, are used as mere pawns in a game that is being directed from some Western capitals. That is how dreadful we have become as a nation.

We now play with people’s emotions, whip them even so that we score cheap political points. We now use people to further our inane agendas for personal gain.

Why are workers being used to ‘push’ Government for so-called ‘talks’?

Why are workers being used to effect regime change?

Why are workers’ concerns being used to destabilise the country?

Why are workers not given the respect they deserve?

We are aware that certain labour movements are once again taking advantage of the plight of workers to confront Government. 

But this has absolutely nothing to do with their rights, their concerns and expectations. 

It has everything to do with removing ZANU PF from power through means that are outside the ballot box.

It has everything to do with installing a Government that protects and defends the interests of Western capital.

If labour movements are serious about protecting the interests of the worker, they should use diplomatic ways and means to engage Government.

Threats of insurgency will not help anyone in this instance.

Let us unite and defend the worker whose toil is driving this economy.


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