Let’s revel in this peace


THE election campaign period will soon come to pass.
It has been without incident.
That was expected.
We have been a shining example to the world on many fronts.
This election is another feather in our cap.
We must give ourselves some credit.
We deserve to stand tall and walk with a spring in our step.
When Zimbabweans cast their vote on Monday, they will be fulfilling the aspirations of the liberation struggle.
They will be demonstrating to the world that this great nation has indeed come of age.
They will be delivering what will rank as one of the cleanest elections in history.
They will be showing the world that democracy is at play in Zimbabwe.
They will be proving to the world that we are one people, one nation and a people who can live together regardless of divergent views.
Tourism will be the biggest beneficiary.
The economy will reap the immense benefits of the new trajectory that the country has taken.
This has arguably been the most peaceful election in the country’s history.
There is a reason behind that.
The new dispensation has opened up democratic spaces.
It has created an environment conducive to political and socio-economic players.
We are a nation at peace.
And where there is peace, capital finds a comfortable home in which to thrive.
One hopes it continues that way after elections.
Events in the past few months point to eternal peace, democracy and tranquillity.
They point to a nation that has finally arrived, a nation that has been reborn and a nation headed for a new beginning.
We are on the cusp of unprecedented economic growth and development.
We are on the verge of achieving something big on the socio-economic development front.
We are about to unravel the potential that we have for long talked about but without really tapping into.
President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s clarion call throughout his campaign trail has been the need for unity among Zimbabweans.
We have emphasised that political parties take responsibility for their actions, that they guide their supporters accordingly.
We have advocated that political parties ensure their supporters desist from hate speech or provocative utterances against their opponents.
After all, we have a country to protect and defend before, during and after elections.
Elections are a one-day event. But Zimbabwe, as a nation will continue to exist well after the casting of votes.
Thus, our nation must be protected and defended by every Zimbabwean, for posterity. And unity is vital in this regard.
Peace is the glue that binds us together and tolerance is the bridge to a brighter future.
Let us not allow any individual, any incident or any circumstance to destabilise our country.
We should not be divided by any force — internal or external.
We have opened a new chapter in which every citizen of this country is treated with respect, a chapter in which every citizen is an active participant in the political, social and economic development spheres of our country.
Every citizen has a right to air his/her views without fear.
Let us vote in peace!
Let us revel in this peace!


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