THE idea of trying to force the removal of a democratically elected Government through stay aways and demonstrations is something which should be rejected unreservedly by the peace loving people of Zimbabwe. 

The resounding dismissal by Zimbabweans of this week’s call to go on a ‘Mother of all stay aways’ is the way to go. 

Mind you, this plot to paralyse the country had been hatched by a certain Promise Mkwananzi, of a dubious pressure group called Tajamuka, while he was enjoying his loot from gullible donors’ funds in a  South African hotel.

It is unfortunate we have, among us, some groups of nihilists on the payroll of regime change protagonists.

We have had a number of destructive protests, ostensibly to force the Government to resign or to bring it to a negotiating table with Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance.

Neither of the two has been achieved.

But what we have witnessed is that the organisers usually end up living unexplained lavish lifestyles.

We now know where the cash for these luxuries comes from.

Regime change benefactors are usually very generous in rewarding those seen to be taking leading roles in efforts to destabilise the Government.

That is why advocates of these demonstrations, invariably, give spurious reasons to justify them. 

Take, for instance, the recent threat by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) when they gave the Government a five-day ultimatum to reverse its decision to ban the public use of the United States dollar.

Mind you, this is a country whose salaries are earned in a local currency.

This is a country where workers, supposedly represented by the ZCTU, are earning their salaries in the local currency, and yet their employers are charging US$ for their goods and services.

The contradiction is lost on the ZCTU.

The ZCTU conveniently pretends to be blind to the market distortions created by the US dollar, resulting in the rogue black market creating havoc in shops.

The ZCTU seems not to be aware of the profiteering by unscrupulous businesspeople as they pegged prices against the rampaging black market rates.

In all this, it is the workers the so-called ZCTU claims to represent whose pockets are hard hit by the overpriced goods and services.

After all, the whole concept of stay aways is ridiculous in our country.

Most people are self-employed.

So they are expected to stay away from what?

Who suffers when a kombi driver is denied his commission for the day after parking his vehicle in response to calls by characters like Mkwananzi and other such-like minded saboteurs?

What about those entrepreneurs at Mupedzanhamo, Glenview and many other such centres?

Let’s spare a thought for the vegetable, airtime and other vendors who barely eke a living out of their daily chores.

Who will all these people be said to be fixing if they don’t go to work? 

God forbid!

Zimbabwe is a democratic country.

The present Government, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, got into power after free, fair and credible elections.

The people’s verdict was even endorsed by the Constitutional Court.

The next general elections are in 2023 and that is when, through universal adult suffrage, voters are given another chance to give political leaders a fresh mandate.

Organising demonstrations, protests or stay aways, with the hope of changing a sitting Government, is a strange way of thinking.

Zimbabweans have come of age politically and are no longer prepared to cut their noses to spite their faces.


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