Let’s use social media responsibly


EDITOR – THERE is a disturbing trend on the use of social media in this country.
The African social fabric has largely been affected due to misuse of internet-based communications like whatsapp, facebook and twitter.
Time for family and work is overshadowed by time spent on whatsapp.
Every single day we come across cases of families collapsing because either a husband or a wife has come across disturbing messages on his or her partners’ phone.
What is really going on?
Have we all of a sudden become a nation of liars because of whatsapp and facebook?
Our children, on the other hand, are spending time on social media, and in the process, end up doing some of the most unimaginable things.
Yes, we all know we are in a global village driven by information technology. However, it’s a pity that as Africans, we always take all technological advancements from the West and East wholesale.
Some people actually believe what Europeans do on social media is exemplary.
That is false.
Europeans respect their quality family time and yet as Africans, we have sacrificed our hunhu/ubuntu at the altar of technology.
We choose to solve issues via facebook and whatsapp, disregarding the power of African togetherness.
We now focus on these so-called ‘groups’.
Ndicho chivanhu chedu here?
It is also not a secret both the old and young people are being exposed to explicit content on facebook and whatsapp. Pornography and false information which does not even have anything to do with family or nation-building are circulated and their impact is colossal.
But why are we doing this to ourselves and what sort of a nation are we becoming?
I think it is crucial for us to use social media responsibly.
Whether some people believe it or not, the truth is our families and unhu/ubuntu are definitely on the line as long as we continue to abuse social media.
Zvokwadi nhambetambe inoregwa ichanaka!


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